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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing How Form 843 Assessment

Instructions and Help about How Form 843 Assessment

This tutorial will show you how to schedule a drug test the first step is to go to a Moreau results online.com portal you will enter in the username which will be your email address next you will enter in the password the initial password for logging into the system is password pound or hashtag one with a capital P again that's password pound or hashtag one with a capital P next you will click on login it is suggested that you keep your password in a secure location to be able to retrieve for future logins to begin the process of scheduling a drug screen start by navigating to the occupational health screening folder click on the plus sign and click on schedule new order this system will prompt you to choose the company location packages and reason for test first you will choose the drop-down next to company location if you have multiple locations you can search by typing in the location name or if you have multiple pages you can choose to toggle in between the pages to find the location that you're looking for next you will choose your package the package is the drug screen test that you require you can type in to narrow your search or you can choose from the options available depending on your company you may have a single package that you utilize for all tests or you may have a variety of packages available to be used for different situations next you will choose the drop-down for reason for test select one of the available options to continue click Next in this screen you will enter the participant information and designate the order handling process all required fields appear in bold you will type in the participants name last name social security number or employee ID number if you choose the employee ID number it should be at least six digits next you will type in your participants phone number next you will go to the participant address section it is best when looking for a collection facility to actually type in your participants address so the system can locate a facility closest to your participant to add the participant address simply simply click on the button next to participant address and type in the address of your participant again this will allow the system to locate a collection facility that is closest to your participant next you have the option to enter a custom message this will appear on your order confirmation form that your participant in the collection site will see you can type any information here that you choose but bear in mind that this is visible to the donor in the collection site if you do not choose to have a message you just leave this area blank next you will scroll down to the order handling options there are three choices available in the order handling options section the first choice complete order no handling options needed allows you to continue with the scheduling wizard but will not email the registration information once the test is scheduled use this option if you plan to print out the order confirmation document and hand it directly to your participant the second option complete order and send email of order details to a participant this prompts you to continue with the scheduling wizard and a copy of the order details will be sent to your participant at the email address you provided once you click on this option changes the email feel to a required field as you can see from here to here it builds the email and it does require the email address to be entered also in this area if you determine that you would like to receive a copy of your order form for your records you can also see see here if you enter an email address in here an email will also be sent to this email address if you don't need that option you can just leave that blank the third option send link to participant to complete order and choose location this allows the scheduler to create in order and email the participant a hyperlink to log into the system and select a collection facility and finish scheduling the test themselves the link will only be valid until the order expires the participant will not be able to modify any information that you have already entered with the exception of specifying a new address to search for the collection facility the recommended option is option two to complete order and send email of order details to participant to continue click Next the next step allows you to choose the collection facility where the participant will submit their specimen for testing it begins with another opportunity to modify the starting address for the search again you can choose the branch address or as you can see the participant address that was entered on the previous page appears here for these purposes we will leave it at the participant address a list of collection sites authorized by your company to collect specimens in the area will be displayed below if no collection sites are displayed try entering another address or contact us for assistance to select a collection site place a checkmark next to the facility that you choose you also can see that it shows you the distance from the address to the facility that was entered into the system you also have the opportunity at this point to view directions and hours by clicking on the directions a screen will come up that will show you the collection site information address name phone number it will show you the collection site hours a map of the area and also directions to the facility if you are done with the screen click close you can now continue by clicking next this screen allows you to select the first day.

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