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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Topics

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Topics

One reason we all love dear Evan Hanson is the way that the show accurately represents mental illness most media has a hard time doing this so finding a story and characters that accurately portray the symptoms and feelings of anxiety and depression feels like a beacon of light amongst the darkness of stereotypes in this video I want to talk a little bit more about the mental illness represented in dear Ivan Hansen and their symptoms and treatments also if you couldn't guess already this video contains spoilers about pretty much the whole show disclaimer I am NOT a psychologist or doctor so please do not use this video for self diagnosis all the mental disorders discussed in this video should be diagnosed by a doctor if you find yourself experiencing the symptoms mentioned in this video please speak to a medical professional for an actual diagnosis in a similar thread because this video talks about anxiety and depression it may be triggering for some people also I did do all the research to find the information used in this video and the sources are listed in the description I would also like to note that this video is based on my opinions of the characters in the show and all these are just possible disorders that I think they might have alright let's begin let's start with anxiety disorders Evan's anxiety really is the driving force of the show and while there are many anxiety disorders I want to focus specifically on generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder generalized anxiety disorder is an intense overwhelming anxiety about seemingly normal things people with G ad know that their worry is irrational the disorder usually develops between childhood and middle aged people with G ad can have other mental disorders as well as anxiety such as depression doctors often diagnosed G AD when a person has had six months or more of chronic worry there are several potential factors that can cause this anxiety it can be caused by genetics or behavioral developmental factors or sometimes a combination of both researchers believe that the amygdala basically the intelligence agency of the brain that receives information and sends out reactors is responsible for anxiety this part of the brain could be the cause of other mental disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder as well basically the amygdala is problematic social anxiety the other anxiety disorder in the show I then definitely have social anxiety social anxiety is the third largest psychological disorder in the u.s. and it affects 15 million Americans certainly five percent of the US population and more than the population of the whole state of Illinois people with social anxiety fear interacting are being watched by other people just like with GA D people know that their fears are irrational but the knowledge that it's irrational doesn't make waiting for the pizza delivery guide to count the change any less nerve-wracking having social anxiety makes having interpersonal relationships really hard for obvious reasons people with social anxiety often want friends and relationships they just struggle with having and maintaining them because of their anxiety it's hard to go out and make friends or keep friends if interacting with people gives you anxiety sometimes social anxiety is called social phobia but that name isn't accurate because the Soviet is a more specific fear plus the word phobia has negative connotations and generally gives the wrong impression of the feelings that people with social anxiety have there are several treatments for anxiety disorders the first and most obvious being therapy like evidencing dr. Schurman and being told to write the letters to himself therapy often includes homework like that in fact cognitive behavioral therapy uses activities like that to retrain patients brains to help them overcome some of their anxiety there's also of course medication which is often used as well as therapy anxiolytics for one category of drugs that are used to counter anxiety they are designed to quiet the central nervous system some of these include Libre on a Dirac's and busbar they can be very addicted though and like all drugs they each come with their own varieties of side effects alright before we get into depression and other mental disorders that Connor might have I would like to take a brief moment to talk about Alana and high functioning anxiety Alana seems to be a standard case of high functioning anxiety she mentions knowing what it feels like to be forgotten she also shows almost all the typical signs the overachiever someone who drowns themselves in work or seems like a high-energy extrovert with lots of not close friends high functioning anxiety is fueled by pressure and fear of failure though it may seem like the person is successful in life they really may be struggling there are physical symptoms of high functioning anxiety just as there are with other anxiety disorders symptoms include headaches a weak immune system muscle aches nervous texts and more it is often hard for people with high functioning anxiety to talk about their anxiety because a lot of times people don't believe them it's important to recognize that high functioning anxiety exists and that we need to be more aware of it depression the feelings of endless sadness and hopelessness both as an in Connor have at least some form of depression Evan specifically displays the symptoms of hopelessness pessimism and thoughts about death or suicide this common that people with anxiety have depression because anxiety can oftentimes trigger depression Connor had depression just judging by his actions in the show depression is one of the most common mental disorders and it can happen at any age and oftentimes depression is expressed as aggression and young adults there are several factors that could lead to depression the first is genetics people are more likely to have depression if another member of their family has it.

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