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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Refund

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Refund

FS in radio it's all about what's next go to financial survival network comm and sign up for your free weekly newsletter you'll also get three free reports the financial survival network it's all about what's next welcome you are listening to the financial survival Network I'm Carrie Lutz today's to 2023 well if you are one of the many millions of Americans who've gotten smaller refund checks compliments of the IRS Christmas club savings account well then you probably want to hear what we're gonna say why it's happening why it's not necessarily bad what it means and what about next year well our good friend Jeff Sahab noted tax expert and all around the accounting guy is with us now to opine on this Jeff it's great to have you back why are the refunds getting smaller hi Kerry thanks for having me you know people are expecting refunds because they look at it like a savings plan I think like you're mentioning and the refunds are smaller because the accounting software that's used to withhold taxes throughout the year actually adjusted during the year so what happens is people might have experienced a slightly larger take-home pay but didn't quite realize that that was the benefit and so then they get to the refund part of the year that we're going into now where they're gonna file their return and see if they get any money back and they're they're wondering where the money is that they thought what they were getting back uh-huh so effectively it's it's kind of an illusion they got it I mean our society is professional procrastinators right so I think due to that instinctive procrastination that we have we end up surprised by something that we could have actually known about...

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