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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Guides

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Guides

Hi I'm dr. Judy Frasier I'm one of the certification physicians at amcd and we're here to talk about some of the AME guide updates this is in response to questions from the Emmys who are asking for an annual update so this is the first hopefully in a series for your information right now for a Emmys conditions are currently followed by a Emmys have conditions they can issue a regular certificate based on requirements in the AME guide if they don't meet those they can go to an AAS I or an SI which are all time limited and require special authorization a partial list of some of the current conditions a Emmys can issue after taking a thorough history and determining if the condition is stable is listed here there's a new instructional category in the AME guide and these are conditions than an am II can issue if they're within specific parameters as designed on worksheets in the AME guide these are the conditions that are currently allowed that have worksheets or instructional information that you the AME can issue in your office this should speed things up for you because you don't have to call a MCD or your regional flight surgeon for authorization if conditions of the worksheet are met so what has changed in the old AME guide if you went to hypothyroidism for all classes you would be asked to submit all pertinent records a current status names of meds and thyroid function testing then it would be worked at a MCD of the regional office and your airman would be given a special authorization that was time limited what's new and the guide is there's this new category and we're asking you that the am ease review the information if it falls within worksheet parameters you can issue a regular certificate if anything falls outside of the worksheet criteria you'll turn in the information as you did in the past for a special issuance so the conditions a amis can issue or khaki pre khaki for example hypertension required an initial workup lab EKG a current status in a history now by following the worksheet that is no longer required and the AME can determine if the hypertension is stable regarding thyroid you used to have to turn in all the information or call a MCD or your regional flight surgeon office for authorization now if you review all the information the TSH is normal and there's a favorable current status you can issue from your office and we'll go through each condition at the end of the Pend of the program so how do you find the information you go to the AME guy just as you have in the past remember the most updated version is online so specifically with the worksheets we ask that you don't print them out and use them to make sure that they have not been updated if you go to the AME guide and you use a I'm bar and type in the name of the condition in the word worksheet you should be able to get to that page very easily there's two pieces of information that you need one is the instruction sheet in the AME guide and then the worksheet the worksheets only have three components they have instructions that are very brief and easy they have different questions based on the condition and then each worksheet has an identical information to put in box sixty based on what you did with that condition so the instructions are easy you the AME review the information that we asked about if it's within the parameters then you'll be able to issue the parameters are listed in horizontal rows make sure that you the AME address each of the horizontal components if you leave a horizontal component out the worksheet is not valid the specific comments in box sixty are how you communicate with a MCD or your regional flight surgeon office this is how we know that the components were met so we do ask that you put the specific wording in box sixty or the AME comment box so the easy ones if all the criteria are met for example hypothyroid if all the criteria are met you have the information in your hand you've reviewed it and it meets the criteria on the worksheet you can just issue a regular certificate all you have to do is put in box sixty or the AME comment box airman meets certification criteria for hypothyroidism that's the only information we need you don't have to turn any information in you don't have to turn in worksheets everything's done you can give your airman a regular certificate if your airman has any other condition that still requires a special issuance such as diabetes or in diabetes or coronary artery disease you still have to follow the required special issuance letter for those conditions turn in that information as you've always done in the past but what we no longer need is the thyroid information if you've put the specific comment in box sixty important things to remember about kaki everything that as a khaki condition is not necessarily CACI qualified so just because you're airman has hypothyroidism does not mean that in box sixty you can just okay that it has to fall within worksheet parameters so what if airman does not meet the khaki criteria then you need to put in box sixty or the ami information box that you deferred because of whatever the condition outside the parameters was then the information needs to be turned into a MCD and it will be worked for special issuance as it was in the past the address to turn in information is what is still listed in the guide we ask that you turn everything in is one package and please don't mail duplicates as that slows down our system the worksheets.

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