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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Guides

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Guides

Hi, I'm Dr. Judy Frasier. I'm one of the certification physicians at AMCD, and we're here to talk about some of the AME guide updates. This is in response to questions from the AMEs who are asking for an annual update. So, this is the first, hopefully, in a series. For your information, right now, for AMEs, conditions are currently followed. AMEs have conditions they can issue a regular certificate based on requirements in the AME guide. If they don't meet those, they can go to an AASI or an SI, which are all time-limited and require special authorization. A partial list of some of the current conditions AMEs can issue, after taking a thorough history and determining if the condition is stable, is listed here. There's a new instructional category in the AME guide, and these are conditions that an AME can issue if they're within specific parameters, as designed on worksheets in the AME guide. These are the conditions that are currently allowed that have worksheets or instructional information that you, the AME, can issue in your office. This should speed things up for you because you don't have to call AMCD or your regional flight surgeon for authorization if conditions of the worksheet are met. So, what has changed in the old AME guide? If you went to hypothyroidism for all classes, you would be asked to submit all pertinent records, a current status, names of meds, and thyroid function testing. Then, it would be worked on at AMCD or the regional office, and your airman would be given special authorization that was time-limited. What's new in the guide is there's this new category, and we're asking you, the AMEs, to review the information. If it falls within worksheet parameters, you can issue a regular certificate. If anything falls...