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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Finance

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Finance

Guys hey what's up my name is Alexander and if you if you know me for a little while you know that I've been a member of the Abraham Hicks for sex group for a lovely lovely lovely amount of time but I had to kind of stuff a way to get um yeah just kind of some perspective kind of some time away from everything and I was just like I was like I know there's something inside of me which is no shifting and you know I've had a really really great year really great month I'm really great you know everything's been wonderful business life all these wonderful wonderful lovely things and whatnot but the most important thing for right now is you know I left because the universe wanted to give me a huge massive download of information we're literally I had to like drop off the face of the earth for like three to four days and kind of like reemerge back and basically would happen is you know I want to get this message to all be specifically the young people but you know if they say Indigo's you know we're all the same really we're all Indigo's but even more so it's just kind of a long lines of a change is happening specifically on the financial sector and what I mean by that is this I kind of unlock like these financial alchemy secrets where the universe literally showed me what's going to be happening in the next 3 10 15 20 more than 20 years on the physical world in regards to our finance and regards of monetary and reverse the currency in regards to what you know stuff like that how it's happening but even more so it's along the lines of I I've been unlocking and utilizing these codes of wealth and I've been doing like spell casting or rituals or goes with that for money and for relationships and for business partnerships and all this other stuff and it's been happening at an extremely it's basically like right now I ask for something and I get it I ask for something and I get it now for me to it's so funny because everything on my physical life is covered so I'm not exactly asking for things like oh no I yeah I'm gonna buy Tesla then I'm going to buy a Ferrari then i'm going to buy a bugatti then i'm going to buy a Gulfstream jet and everything and yet those are the easy things those with it well actually no they're all easy you know button and castle those are the cool fun easy things but even more so it's kind of a one of the lines of I've started asking for things which are basically beyond this planet basically almost like not just not just having billions of dollars in the bank of trillion-dollar companies or best with that but literally what I've started to do as summon from the deepest depths of the universe almost this infinite amount of abundance this infinite amount of wealth this infinite amount of just just money all the stuff literally it's just kind of like throwing flowing through me but as it begins to flow through me so it flows into other people's lives into the world into all this other stuff and literally a change is happening on the financial sector and so I'm going to basically you know kind of channel some information you know coming from wherever it's coming from I said you know my higher self that's kind of like the only person who I really channel but wherever it's coming from it's coming from you know this is a message to actually anybody at first I was going to say all the Indigo's but you know Roland goes we're all still where are we are all starch / we are all rainbow children you know we're all terminal god I know just like Marion william said Marianne Williamson said it's like you know you know you're playing small does not serve the world you know we're all children of God we were born to make manifest the glory of God which is within all of us so basically with that being said I'm going to just kind of Sigma that let me let me get some water I'm sure I have some water here up give me one sign yeah having the water is kind of important hi so to all the end it goes into everyone on this planet right now it's time to wake up and specifically what I mean by that is there's something happening in our financial sector right now in the world's current financial state where we are on the verge of financial collapse we are on the verge of financial collapse but the word collapse is being used in the old energy term it's time to switch the energies think about a supernova a supernova is whenever a star collapses on itself and then explodes into a huge ray of light parallel that to our financial sector right now the financial sector is on a verge of collapse no no no no no the traditional way that the word collapse is being used is with old energy we can say collapse with the new energy and we know that we really mean financial supernova so let's switch it for all the people in this planet and let's just say that we're going through a financial supernova because it's supernova is whenever a star and a star is a very complex system a galaxy is a system a planet has a system it's an eco so you know this earth is an ecosystem a bio you know system of biology ecology or zoology all these different areas of life and whatnot they're coming together but specifically specifically our financial sector is on the verge of supernova.

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