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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Evaluation

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Evaluation

Welcome Joe Riley with national drug screening are you an employer regulated by the United States Department of Transportation vot if yes this short video is for you I'm going to talk about upcoming changes to the DoD regulations for drug and alcohol testing the first change is in effect already it's called electronic custody and control form over the past year vot has approved electronic custody and control forms and the laboratory that we work with quest diagnostics and alyre toxicology have made available electronic custody and control form so no more five-part paper form for the d-o-t drug test this is in effect today if it's not available to you from your current drug testing provider call national drug screening we can help you get set up for no more paper for VOT the second upcoming change is coming down the pipeline I have some new information right here in front of me is about the FMCSA Clearing House this is a long awaited database which will store information on drivers that have tested positive and refused the drug test refused the alcohol test and also on the return to duty substance abuse professional process for drivers that are previously tested positive or refused to drug test now currently you have to do a previous employer check you use a paper form to check with previous employers to see if your new driver has had previous positive drug tests this new program the FMCSA Clearing House program will provide electronic database that you will ping when you have a new driver you will also be required to ask those new drivers to provide consent for you to provide back to that Clearinghouse any information if they do test positive or if they do have a refusal to test now the new FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration clearinghouse or database regulation went into effect on January 4th 2022 but don't be alarmed the compliance date is not so January of 2022 so starting in 2022 we will be using the FMCSA Clearing House database to check on the status of drivers to see if they have had positive drug tests to see if they have had refusal to drug test or alcohol test and to see if they've completed the return to duty substance abuse the third change up coming to the d-o-t drug and alcohol testing regulations is expanding the traditional five-panel drug test so in those five panels today we currently test for marijuana cocaine and Seventeen's PCP and opiates in the opiates panel today we currently test for codeine morphine and heroin d-o-t has proposed changes to add what we call expanded opiates that proposed change is in effect right now and it's in what we call a comment period that means you can go to the d-o-t website and you can comment on that change what are your thoughts about it depending on when you're watching this video the comment period has ended March 24 2022 once the comment period has ended at some point in the future I would say before the end of 2022 we will see the expanded opiates has been added to the d-o-t panel that will add what we typically know as pain medications to the d-o-t panel hydrocodone hydromorphone oxymorphone the panel will now pick up oxy cotton this is very important because a lot of people are abusing these expanded opiates so you'll see that change sometime in 2022 Applause for more information on the clearinghouse and for more great information on all VOT regulations visit our website wwlp.com Music you Music you Music you.

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