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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Courses

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Courses

Music hello everybody and welcome back to my channel so first of all I want to tell you guys thank you so much for your incredible patience and support for last week technically this week's video I had a lot of audio issues if you weren't aware of that and 98% of you were incredibly supportive and understanding let me take my time fixing the video to something that I would personally be proud to put up I want to say special massive thank you to John Lordan he literally stopped the middle of his day to do an emergency Skype meeting with me to help me kind of figure out some of my issues I swear that man I'm gonna be lost without him if he's ever not in my life anymore you guys will see that I am in like severe states of distress constantly and second of all I also want to say a massive thank you to Ashley ASMR she helped me a ton fix up the audio and then today I want to say a huge thank you to my brother he is a professional I am NOT a professional when it comes to all things video and audio he actually is a professional and he came and stopped by and fixed my audio again because if you can't notice I'm using a different microphone probably sounds very different obviously it's a little bit intrusive in the video but unfortunately my other microphone just doesn't want to work anymore this one almost doesn't want to work anymore unless I do things a very specific way so in order to get you guys a video this week I had Colin backups again this channel has been supported by a bunch of different people for this past week and a half now I know this might sound different I probably wouldn't use this microphone on a typical basis this is what I use for the podcast and that's about I know it looks like I'm about to bust out into an ASMR video myself but that is not what I'm here to do today today I am actually talking about an insane case that when I went into this case originally earlier this week I expected it to kind of be a smaller more manageable case because I needed that because of how stressful this past week has been but the deeper I got into it the crazier it got and honestly I don't know what to think about this case I'm not sure if it's because it's is so old is from 1997 but there are massive massive holes in this story I left with more questions than I even went and having it's just kind of a mess so prepare yourself let's just go ahead and dive right into today's video so today I'm going to be talking about Kimberly Raymer and it's not spelled kiem which has thrown me off this entire time it's spelled to Kem so Kimberly Raymer and she was 17 years old when she went missing on August 15th 1997 from Alabama I want to say a massive shout out to the unfound podcast he did an amazing amazing story on this case he interviewed the mother Sue and I would not have any of this information if it weren't for his podcast I definitely recommend it I actually really enjoyed his podcast as I was listening to it and now have been binge listening to everything so if you guys are looking for a new podcast unfound is definitely one to look into so Kimberly's parents were divorced and her father was the one that lived in Op Alabama and that had been where she lived for most of her life I'm assuming she went to high school and op Alabama and her mother Sue was living on the Alabama Florida border and pretty sure she was on the Florida side and I forgot to mention about her father's name is Kenny now there really wasn't a custody agreement from what I was able to pick up I'm pretty sure the parents had just recently split and obviously Kimberly was going to a high school already in OP Alabama they didn't want to make her change schools so she pretty much was able to bounce from house to house with her older sister named Kristin her older sister was 17 months older than her so they're pretty close an age had a pretty good relationship but they were kind of at an age where they got to choose whose house they wanted to be at it was a really really small town there were only about 7,000 people that lived in the town very very close-knit community feel everybody knew everybody there were just a few grocery stores a few gas stations there really wasn't much to it and nothing huge had really ever happened and up before until Kimberly went missing Kimberly had just recently ended her junior year in high school and had just turned 17 and she was only a few days away from going into her senior year of high school she led a pretty typical teenage high school life she did a lot of sports very very athletic she was on the softball team I'm pretty sure she was a cheerleader she was academically inclined as well she was very easygoing really outgoing she had a ton of friends she never had any enemies she never really had a boyfriend so just you know very calm typical life there was nothing really out of the ordinary about Kimberly she even had plans to attend South Alabama University to become a physical therapist and her mom was a nurse so she was kind of just following in the same type of footsteps but unfortunately something happened to Kimberly and all these years later there are still absolutely no answers and she has never been.

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