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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Consultation

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Consultation

This is Crisco with a quick quick walkthrough of our peak fitness client consultation questionnaire so the beginning of each six to eight week cycle we're going to fill this out with our clients and then review it on a weekly basis in a group format with small groups all right it's number one we want to figure out what they want to achieve in just a general category for the next six to eight weeks alright we give them options simply because you know we want them to be able to if you just ask like hey what do you want to do you know they're they're going to go off the rails so we have to provide some structure and most of them will you know they'll immediately gravitate towards three okay you tell them to pick one okay and that's the focus of our cycle all right from there we want to identify a specific milestone okay that we can achieve during this time all right that's important because we're gonna use that to motivate them we're gonna say okay we're here today because we want to get into this dress and you're trying to fit into or we have you know this run coming up in eight weeks and sometimes that'll take a little bit of prying you're going to have to kind of make suggestions to them and that's kind of the art of being a coach okay so really think of some things that you might that might motivate them or do some research on it and spend a little while talking them about it that's why discussing this in a group format is good it's because you know someone might step up and say oh yeah you can run this race for me or or with me or you know even give some suggestions that we might have not have thought of so from there we move on to our next question okay which is what is your what is the biggest obstacle keeping you from where you want to be okay these are the common things that we found that are most kind of lacking for most people so we have everything from lack of sleep live stress motivation whatever it may be and then we give them the opportunity to write it down but once again when we ask the clients this you know we have them check it off and then we just kind of go around and elaborate a little bit on this you know in the group format you know and just in discussion with everybody else it'll usually bring out some things that might not have been there and from there we finalize sort of the process here by just choosing one or two goals to focus on for the cycle we have fitness goals here and we have nutrition goals right and then you know again we want you to workshop this so ask each person what their goal is and get them to commit to something and write it in week one okay we check on that on week two so they write their goals down we're focusing on one thing at a time if we choose to they can do the one thing for two weeks successfully then we move to the next goal but like for example let's say it's eat every two to four hours okay we would write that in box one here under week one okay and then during week two we'd say okay did you do that or not you know maybe have them do something like keep a food log too or something it's some sort of a milestone that they bring in to you substantiate whether or not they did it that could be you know texting you every time they ate or you know keeping a food log or whatever it may be okay and you just make notes on that okay did they do it or not yes or no and then why okay and then you just troubleshoot those issues from there but doing that in a group format really helps to bring things home and we can get creative with that you know we can group people up into teams and do a challenge you know there are a lot of different things that we can do but just revisiting these things on a weekly basis position truly positions us as coaches versus simply trainers.

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