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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Calculator

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Calculator

Hello so today we're going to do a demonstration of cross-platform app development in the same environment we used to develop the app for the 121 GW Co guys let's open up visual studio and let's create a new project so we're gonna do a xamarin project and this is what I this is my platform of choice for these things and you want to click the cross-platform app I'm gonna call it evey phone calculator and then we're sitting create project and and this should actually give us a page with some writing I think so I'm gonna target windows and Android and Windows Phone just because not because Windows Phone support anymore just because if it works in Windows it works in Windows Phone which is nice so it just happens to be that I'm targeting all three and I'm basically just going to use default controls not a lot else here what do we want to do minimum target yeah sure and it'll probably give us something similar for Android well it should didn't start getting something random that's great okay so let's first have a look at what we have and I'm going to develop this in Windows just because it's the fastest way to debug let's see what it starts off with specified path and filename ah shoot so let's close this solution let's find the file and totally don't know if this will work but let's just put this somewhere closer and put it here okay so I pasted it on the root directory of majeeda I forgot these around and get files as I don't care about and I'm just gonna reopen the project this might not know she work because there are internal paths embedded in projects I'm just hoping they're all relative does look like all those things worked we will receive error messages in the output if it doesn't it's a good thing that era came up actually because that is a really really common error I mean I've had it in every well obviously I've had it in every project I've ever done because I've had my projects directory in the same folder and I haven't bothered to change it anyway so it looks like it's working local machine let's go and it's in the other screen butts running yeah there's the salmon splash screen I thought would happen and we might get some writing in the middle yes welcome to zem zem uhrin forums and there are two ways to develop one is in XAML which is kind of like a HTML II thing and we're not going to do that anyway so we're gonna have a few things we're gonna have a button and this is gonna be calculate no plus/minus divide multiply equals compute into let's call it enter which might also be reserved okay so we've got those buttons there and then we're gonna have the keypad button and this is going to be an array because keypads are yeah kind of like open right and there are ten different ten different keys you know one to nine and that should be okay late size cannot be invariable really all right does that okay I always forget the C sharp is basically all on the heap anyway so now what we want to do is initialize these things so first plus equals new button text equals plus for you uber nerds out there I could use reflection to set the button text here but that would limit what I can set the text to later and also it's totally and unnecessarily an overly advanced concept do here so this doesn't take very long anyway so then we're gonna do this and now we had all our buttons so operation button so we're gonna actually have to add the operation as well so let's do that plus dot and we only care about that and press there we go plus it equals and we'll hit tab and let it autocomplete - and this is why I use digital studio by the way this exact thing which I find it to be almost flawless it follows my naming scheme as well so I'm very happy about it I didn't even change it it's just happen to be how I thought anyway uhm maybe they brainwashed me they brainwashed me I know it what am i doing I do it why am i doing it calculate oh well Leslie Dave and I both like calculators that's not how you spell multiply and it's also a good demo and there are in my opinion no good calculators on the app store yes yes yes I know I've I've downloaded a lot of them I'm very picky and this one is going to be worse than most of them so hello reasons for doing things well the real reason I'm demonstrating anyway and now I could separate these into separate classes which encapsulate you know regions of buttons but I'm not going to because the more I can have this all in one file and more readable it will be to other people and normally I don't do this to have a block thing either okay so it's just yeah so we've got these operation buttons events here now okay so then we're going to have the keypad and the keypads a very different thing we don't actually care about this is self-explanatory these are these are call events for everyone who doesn't know this is the key pressed event so when someone clicks the button you know like like I'm clicking that thing it will run this function it's just like a normal function a block of code which runs when that press event occurs anyway keypad buttons so to set up the keypad buttons I'm gonna do a for each for each but and in keypad now everyone's like I didn't initialize keypad I know that okay.

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