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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 843 Calculator

Instructions and Help about Form 843 Calculator

Hello. So today, we're going to do a demonstration of cross-platform app development in the same environment we used to develop the app for the 121 GW Co guys. Let's open up Visual Studio and create a new project. We're going to do a Xamarin project, which is my platform of choice for these things. You want to click the cross-platform app and name it "evey phone calculator". Then, click create project. This should give us a page with some writing. I think we should target Windows, Android, and Windows Phone, just in case. Even though Windows Phone support is no longer available, if it works in Windows, it should work in Windows Phone. So, I'm targeting all three platforms. We're basically just going to use default controls, not a lot else here. The minimum target should be fine. It'll probably give us something similar for Android. Let's have a look at what we have first. I'm going to develop this in Windows because it's the fastest way to debug. Let's see what it starts off with. Oops, it says "specified path and filename". Let's close this solution. Let's find the file. I'm not sure if this will work, but let's just put this somewhere closer and paste it on the root directory of my computer. I forgot these annoying get files. I don't care about them. I'm going to reopen the project. This might not work because there are internal paths embedded in projects. I'm hoping they're all relative. It looks like all those things worked. We will receive error messages in the output if it doesn't. It's actually a good thing that error came up because that is a really common error. I've had it in every project I've ever done because I've had my projects directory in...