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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Spouses

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Spouses

Hi welcome to how to file for divorce org and today we're going to take you through the process on how to file for divorce in the wonderful Sin City of Las Vegas so if you want to get right on this page where we can get started step 1 there are two ways to download the required Las Vegas divorce papers now option a you can download our wonderful blank divorce papers by clicking on this link here and they'll bring it to this page that just basically tells you the description of the different packets that are here which one is best for you but just click on this link right here and these papers will download right to your computer if you go back after downloading we do have an option B now if you do not want to fill in all these papers for you but at the same time you don't want to get an attorney you can have the papers all filled in on your behalf for two hundred and ninety-nine dollars but again if you can do it yourself it's obviously still free so step two the spouses will need to get together to fill out the following forms and file them at the Clark County Court Clerk's office at this address right here and if you want to do McCall is phone number and obviously the website right here now here are the forms that you're going to need to fill out in order to file at the clerk's office and you'll need to include three copies of all forms to stamped self-addressed envelopes and you guys need to submit these forms and so you have to be residing in Las Vegas for at least six weeks you need to be a resident of at least six weeks in order to divorce in Las Vegas and you'll need to pay the filing fee of two hundred and eighty nine dollars now this video is obviously outdated the day after it gets put on the web so you want to double-check with the county court clerk's office to make sure that the fee is still two hundred and eighty nine dollars now if you did not file a joint petition you will need to serve your spouse within 45 days according to the court so back here on these forms you have to either file a complaint for divorce and that's usually if the person that you married doesn't really agree with the financials or just doesn't want to fill out with you the joint petition the joint petition is much easier because you probably won't have a court date which we'll talk about later but if you do the complaint it just requires a few extra steps and one of them is serving your spouse within 40 to about five days of filing these papers so moving on to step four as you can see it we're almost finished here if you filed a joint petition all you have to do is just file these forms at the court clerk's office and the judge will sign your divorce decree within 30 days and mail it to you in your spouse and at this time your divorce is complete but if you did the complaint for a divorce chances are you will have a court hearing and after serving your spouse in step 3 you will be allowed to make a court hearing date and the court hearing date is pretty easy all you have to do is just go in it takes about 20 minutes sometimes shorter the judge will just ask you a few questions and that's it you'll get your signed divorce decree right there and then on the spot and if you're looking to change your name you can get this free name change kit right here and do the process with another video and another how-to guide that's it that's how you file for divorce in the city of Las Vegas.

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