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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Spouse

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Spouse

Hello everybody and welcome to the sending your adjustment of status tutorial in this video we are going to show you step by step on how to assemble your packet before mailing it to the USCIS let's get started things you will need prior to compiling your packet post it tabs find your clips a paper fastener and a hole punch the next thing we're going to show you is a cover letter telling you USC is what we are filing for we are filing for I four eight five application to register under permanent residence and concurrently filing i-765 application for employment authorization followed by i-131 application for travel document this will explain exactly what we are sending to the USCIS we will see now to passport style photos with the full name on the back followed by the alien number then a check written out to Department of Homeland Security after that we will see a cover letter for i-485 and this is just going to explain to the USA is exactly what we're sending we have three pieces of our cover letter ok so one thing we did differently in this cover letter is in this video is we are only showing you how to do form i-864 affidavit of support for the primary sponsor in the cover letter we have two forms for one for the primary and one for the joint but we are only going to do the primary sponsor this is the third page and let's just explain the rest of what we are sending ok so let's get started here first thing a notification form we have done a video on this pretty pretty basic we can see right there that we put a blue tab there remember to put tabs the next thing we have is the i-485 adjustment of status this is the main thing you're going to need so remember to put that there okay followed by that we have the g3 to 5a biographic information page this is for the applicant this is for Jane our character okay after that we are going to get the g3 to five biographic information page for the spouse of the applicant the next thing we're going to show you here is a birth certificate of the applicant our applicant Jane received this birth certificate in the Philippines and copied it and sent it into the USCIS so just a copy is okay after that a copy of the passport biographic page of the applicant next we're going to get a copy of the k1 visa in passport in USA entry stamp okay so you should also have that inside the applicants passport up above on the right side you can see a blue stamp that's the entry stamp next we're going to see a copy of form i79 7c notification of i-129f fianc petition receipt notice it's this is the receipt notice you should have gotten that during your k1 experience okay and then next after that we have the copy of form i-79 7c notice of action of I 129 fianc petition approval notice this is the approval so you have your receipt in your approval notice okay after that we're going to show you the copy of the NVC letter for original i-129 fianc petition okay you should have also received that during that time period with the k1 okay the next is a copy of the i-94 admission record so around the time of your port of entry they should have given you some number or some website to go to and you could have printed that off website okay after that a copy of vaccination documentation worksheet Jane received this in the Philippines in Manila and then followed by that is a original marriage certificate we will have other marriage certificates but you need at least one original for this so remember to get an original certified one okay and then last of all copy of or not copy but wedding photos so yes copy of wedding photos is okay get wedding photos so that the USCIS can see that you are legitimate and that you have a legitimate relationship okay okay now that we're done with the i-485 we are going to move on to the i-864 affidavit of support for the primary sponsor here we are going to show you a cover letter of the i-864 and this is just basically showing you everything we're going to file this with and the order it should be in okay next we are going to show you the form that we had done in the tutorial and we can see it right here okay this was for the primary sponsor okay and next we are going to grab our copies of our federal tax return for the three most recent tax years okay copies of w-2s is after that all right and then next we have copies of form 1099 for the recent two years okay certificate of employment recent paystubs is next bank immigration letter you copy of passport biographic page and a copy of your birth certificate then you were done with i-864 so then we're going to start I 765 get the passport size photos like before ok then the cover letter I 765 and this is just again you show us the contents show the USCIS the contents included ok we're going to start with a g-1145 form a notification just like before so a lot of copies of stuff just remember you will be copying a lot of stuff we have a passport by graphic pages and all that kind of stuff so then that is i-765 form ok employment authorization followed by a copy of the i-94 departure arrival departure record so again another copy copy of passport biographic page copy of k1 visa in casper in USA entry stamped okay and a copy of marriage certificate so like before.

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