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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Refund

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Refund

Maybe is angel anything just one the hot phone here really quick and talk about a few things I'm getting it a lot of several comments and questions about the Affordable Care Act and a 1095 a basically your refunds being held hostage because you have not submitted your 1095 a and your 89-62 to complete your tax return now what do you do there's two ways to go about this there are some people out there that don't want to report it I understand there are ramifications after that and some people that are required we do want to report it if you do have the 295 a to remain compliant but I wanted to touch on a few things here call your marketplace we can we can maybe give you the name of your company but call the marketplace they're the ones that are going to supply you with the 1095 a information you can get to 89-62 and the instructions off of the IRS website okay send it in and fax it along with the letter that you received in the mail requesting the information out of course if we don't have this information you want them to process your return without the 1095 eight information or you have a 1095 B or C for a 1095 B or C you do not have to mail it anymore you have to do the 89-62 for the 1095 a though if you do not want to report that information basically there is a time frame in a process that you have to wait okay it's a 45 day waiting period for the information - it's a 45 day waiting period for us to give you time to respond to the letter to send us the information and mail or aunt or fax it and for us to updated now once we get that information it does take about ten working business days for a caseworker to basically take your return out of the electronic processing put your two returns back together because now it is a complete return with a 1095 a in the 89-62 and then they have to input it into the system again with it with that being said it starts to process as a paper return which could be essentially six to eight weeks and that does include real-time delivery for your repo because 90% of the time their briefing will come in the mail okay if you do not want to send that information you can always write in or effect in a letter requesting that your return be processed without that information okay understand that there's still ten working days for a caseworker to put your return together and six to eight weeks for processing there's no other way around it it's for either-or so damned if you do damned if you don't but basically yes your repo will continue to be detailed during that time frame in the process so again if you have it guys have any questions for me any concerns please don't hesitate to leave them down in the comments subscribe and you know get done with that silence seasons almost halfway through guys have a good Friday.

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