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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Processing

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Processing

Right now despite the government shutdown the IRS is calling 38,000 employees back to work to help process tax returns tax season begins on January 28th KSBY news reporter Dustin Kleeman joins us live now with how tax returns still may not be the windfall that you had hoped for Dustin good evening richard and karina possibly nine 11 days until tax season starts places like H&R block or gonna be busy and you're going to see some changes in your 1040 now the tax overhaul of 2022 did a lot of different things it changed the tax brackets for some and expanded the child credit it also doubled the standard deduction for married couples but there might not be is well robust return as some people hope for and with the government shutdown there might be some headaches along with it the government shutdown stretches on the IRS is operating on fifty seven percent of its workforce even with the return of tens of thousands of employees local accountant communication to the federal agency is still non-existent it makes it hard because if there are any issues in the tax return process we cannot get a hold of anybody to resolve it the IRS doesn't have other functions up and running either like return examinations none automated collections legal counsel and audits meaning people couldn't massage the truth on their filings but also be open to fraudulent tax returns it concerns me a little more so since there's not anybody there to check the red flags that come up the agency says it will waive the penalty for those who paid at least 85 percent of their tax liability for 2022 IRS says the penalty waiver will help those who inadvertently failed to withhold the correct amount from their W fours it's not going to save the average citizen and taxpayer very much money tax returns are essential for most families it can be a windfall United Way CEO Rick London says in San Luis Obispo County 29 percent of households are struggling to make ends meet so will tax returns be more robust this year I could see it being a little bit better but again I think it depends I think though it'll be mixed now it might seem that when you receive that 1040 and you start to fill it out it there weeks some confusion for you there are plenty of resources throughout the county so reach out for help on that but it is important this year as of any year file early and don't be worried if you don't see your tax return right away it should get to you live and local in San Luis Obispo and Dustin claiming KSBY news all right Dustin thank you if you made up to sixty six thousand dollars you can file your taxes for free if you made less than $54,000 you can receive help filing your taxes thanks to a local program those resources can be found right now on our website KSP why.com.

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