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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Filing

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Filing

Hi I am David McCree cpa you know tax professionals usually react in one of two ways when they are the cause of a late filing penalty for a tax-exempt organizations 991 reaction is oh well it was my fault i guess i'll just have to pay the penalty the other reaction is what are you kidding me i have to pay all that money just because i made an honest mistake if you're the professional preparer and as your fault that the return was late you have the same opportunity to argue for a penalty abatement under the reasonable cause provisions of the code that the organization would have ce pas are not in the business of missing client deadlines we have due date tracking systems and we have a vested interest in meeting the deadlines willful neglect is rarely an element when a CPA is involved and even so willful neglect in and of itself is not enough to lack of willful neglect is not enough to show or to prove reasonable cause unfortunately a lot of preparers don't put the kind of effort into their big met request letter that is necessary and I think that's because they really don't know quite where to start and what kind of argument and evidence to use to establish reasonable cause whenever I write an abatement request letter I go through a five-step process and I do this to make sure that I don't miss anything and I want to leave any any stone unturned don't want to leave anything out if it's possible that it could help in proving reasonable cause and the materials that i offer for sale on my website I explain this five five step process to you and I give you examples of actual letters that were used some most of which I wrote that we're successful in getting penalties abated however you choose to write your baking a letter don't expect to do it in an hour or two I typically take anywhere between three to five hours to go through several drafts and editing putting it aside coming back later and reading it before I produce something that I really have confidence in sometimes no matter how strong your case for abatement is the IRS is either completely uncooperative or they're just unresponsive don't give up if the IRS denies your request for abatement asked for an appeal try to get face-to-face with an IRS representative usually once you introduce that human element and get face to face you you're much more likely to get to get positive results this is David McCreery CPA with form 990 help calm.

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