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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Fees

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Fees

In this video I'm going to walk you step-by-step exactly how I saved over twelve thousand dollars without freezing my credit cards depriving myself or saying no tonight's out this video is not going to be telling you to budget or to not spend money on lattes or to cut back on spending this video is going to have seven unconventional ways to save money things that I did and found saving to be quite easy not painful almost automatic and missus stuff you can implement without noticing a whole lot of change that can really impact your finances it's not about the money we make it's about the money we keep so this video is going to touch on seven of those strategies to do so let's get into them now way number one this is my secret weapon and I did save over twelve thousand dollars with certain rules a lot of us go into my trip upcoming I keep talking about might be on it by the time it's videos live in July and you know I had to come up with a way to save five thousand dollars without tapping into savings doubt tapping into income without you know still paying rent and food and expenses and all that stuff and this app that I'm going to share with you was my secret weapon it's called capital with aq this has been a game-changer my girlfriend turned me onto it and you can set up these rules so we're automatically senses when you spend money then it will round up to the nearest dollar or round up to the nearest two dollars if you program it or five dollars and so these many deposits that you make into this account add up over time and this is how I was able to save twelve thousand dollars along with some of these other strategies I'll get to in a little bit but this was the main thing such a cool app there's also a rule on here called the freelancer rule that I use because you know at the end of the year at least in April comes along and Uncle Sam wants a tax bill well I got to come up with that because none of this income is really taxed so the freelancer rule is really cool you can program to say okay capital every single time I make a or deposit a check into my bank account because you link it take thirty percent of that and put this account and you can stockpile this 30% of everything you make or ten percent or five percent into these mini goals or accounts okay this is such a cool app and this makes it automatic when you make it automatic you're able to take the emotional side of saving money like you're taking something away from yourself and you're able to automate it and then you don't get in the way of it and so I really close down all my other savings accounts and just use this app my checking and a few other banking resources between that it's all I really needed I mean this app is a huge lifesaver so I'll post a link down below and full disclosure they did not pay me for this endorsements just an app I'm really passionate about found it naturally if you sign up through the link you get a cool $5 free on your first deposit it's what I didn't got five bucks and I'm going to free five bucks if you sign up it's cool we can support the channel so that's the main one the second way I saved twelve thousand dollars in about six months was that I paid myself first this comes out of the concept from the richest man in Babylon one of those old-school classic book titles that all the grandpa's talk about good book but the big idea from that is that if you pay everyone else before you pay yourself last you're not going to be able to get rich you got to flip that on its head and pay yourself first work on your fortune first and then with the rest of money make do so a part of everything you make should be yours to keep and in the book it recommends 10% so you got to automate it and don't touch it you save 10% of everything every single check you make and don't touch it third tip ice cream in the freezer what do I mean by that this is just something a little cheeky saying I have when I'm talking to my friends about finances or how is able to afford a lot of things I have without sacrificing my lifestyle without saying no to Starbucks or going out to eat or anything like that I said look the reason I'm able to do that is because of strategic budgeting ice cream in the freezer is a good analogy for this what happens if you bring home a tub of ice cream and you keep it in your freezer and you say okay I'm only going to eat it on Saturdays or weekends or after workout let's good and that works for a week but down the road you're going to crack you're going to tap into it you're going to eat it because it tastes freakin delicious alright ice cream in the freezer works the same way with money if you keep all your money in one spot it's like keeping ice cream in the freezer you're eventually going to tap into it so if you got to do what I would recommend and I knew in my life is I have separate accounts for different goals I have one account for my checking that's just my straight checking account I have a PayPal account for my business expenses so you know if I outsource anything on my website.

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