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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Employers

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Employers

Hey hey what's going on what's going on welcome welcome all right if you are catching this on the replay make sure you hashtag replay so that I know that you were here and if you are catching this on the replay you can skip ahead to about the minute and a half to two minute mark to get to the content when you jump on let me know who you are and where are you from so I can shout you up and say hello after the broadcast and as my live viewers are jumping on I'm going to be sharing this out to a few of my favorite spots and I encourage you to do the same what's up maxie all right let me get this get this share it out and then we'll get down with the get-down all right here we go I've got to make sure I'm working hey hey Laurel what's going on all right there we go we are cooking with gas let me get this shared out and then we'll get busy doo doo doo doo okay here we go already there we go hmm there we go okay I think oh my goodness okay it's a struggle this morning but I'm gonna get my life together over here because obviously my brain is going a little bit slower all right cool beans hello hello hello all right you guys let's get started with the housekeeping announcements all right February 15th is the release date for tax refunds that contained the Earned Income Tax Credit and that is related to the path act that happened that became law like 2022 now I have heard some rumors though that there are people who have been receiving those refunds so if you did don't tell nobody but legally the IRS cannot release refunds that contain the Earned Income Tax Credit until after February 15th so they really should not be showing up in bank accounts until like the 21st or something like that okay February 28th is the deadline for filing 2022 taxes for residents that live in areas that were impacted by Hurricane Michael so if you have a valid extension filed for year 2022 taxes and you live in the area impacted by Hurricane Michael you've got until February 28th to file those taxes March 15th is the deadline the filing deadline for s corpse and partnerships so you either need to file or file an extension by March 15th the thayer to file penalties for s corpse is a hundred and ninety five dollars per month and for partnerships is two hundred dollars per month all right and then the deadline tax day all is April 15th you must file your taxes or file an extension by 8:00 by April 15th and if you have a tax liability that due date is April 15th so your extension is for filing paperwork it's not for paying any tax due okay so if you have if you have to file an extension and you know you have a tax liability you want to send something to the IRS to reduce that tax liability because your penalties are based on the amount that you owe also if you have estimated tax payments your q1 estimated tax payment is also due on April 15th this is why I urge business owners to not wait until the last minute to file your taxes because in case you have estimated taxes you have your current tax liability that's due on April 15th and your q1 estimated tax payments that's also due on the same day so you can be writing up for a check up to four checks to the government on the same day so don't wait until the last minute all right get your whole life together and get your taxes filed early even if you file filing early doesn't mean that you have to pay right then let me clarify that if you file your taxes let's say you file your taxes in February the due date is still not until April 15th so you have until April 15th to send your your tax payment to the government okay so that is it for the housekeeping announcement let me get our intro out the way and then we will get down with the content welcome to home does tax talk my name is lissandra Everett I am the home biz tech lady right help home business owners win a tax game home biz tax talk airs Monday through Friday nine o clock ish and when you tune into my show you're gonna hear about topics that are important to the home business community and today I want to talk about IRS letters okay now just to give you an idea of the cycle for AIA for the IRS the IRS processes refunds first okay they get all of those out the way and then they deal with tax liabilities so in the process of things people start getting letters from the IRS generally May June July ish okay that's when IRS letters to start coming and also as they're going through the audit process of previous returns you know you can get letters really anytime right so for instance you know I have some who have gotten IRS letters relating to taxes that were filed in 2022 for under reporting income okay so it takes a while for the IRS to get to those you know those tax returns when they're going through the audit process and the automated under reporting process okay but generally you know letters from the IRS start coming like May June ish during the summer okay and so I really want to talk about what to do when you get letters from the IRS number one is don't panic a lot of times we open our mailbox and we see a letter from the IRS I'm a tax.

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