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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Copyright

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Copyright

How to fill out a copyright form tutorial this is the form SR the SR stands for sound recording so many of you that make and create beads and songs you might want to use this form to copyright your sound recording okay the first line on the copyright form is the title of the work as you can see there's a clear indicator that says do not write above this line if you need more space use a separate continuation sheet now I'd like to just say that this is just a tutorial to supplement if you really need detailed information you should go to the United States Copyright Office this is just a tutorial that will give you a start and a beginning point so hopefully you'll overcome any fear of the copyright process okay so the title of the work will be the name of the song or group of songs because you can copyright a group of songs it could say my collection of beats or it could be the actual name of the beat say hip-hop beat number one okay on the line below that they're asking you for a previous or alternative or contents title you can circle what it is so if you have an alternative title if it's an alternative title you can write that on the lot line below the one here and circle that this is an alternative title okay the second line is the name of the author who wrote the song so if your name is John Jones you would write John Jones across from that you would write the year you were born and if this was a work-for-hire you would and in the artist or songwriter or music producer who had passed away you would write the year that he or she passed away okay was this contribution a work-for-hire okay Oh made for hire what is the work made for hire a lot of songwriters work for or have publishing arrangements with publishing houses and everything that they write becomes property of that publisher so that work would be considered work made for hire so they would write a song for their publisher and they would check yes this is a work made for hire they would still be the author of the work then you would put down your nationality or domicile where you reside so if you're a citizen of the United States you would write citizen of the United States domicile which means where you live in wherever you're living so if you are an American citizen you put USA or United States of America and you may be living in France so you put domiciled in France now this is that either/or situation so you can just you feel free to use only one of the lines if you're domiciled in France write down the side and France if you are citizen of the USA right either one but not both the next part here is was this author's contribution to the I'm sorry was this author's contribution to the work anonymous or pseudonymous anonymous means without a name pseudo anonymous means working under an assumed or false name such as Mark Twain that's not Mark Twain's actual name so let's say my work I wrote a song and I wanted to use King David that would be a pseudonym animus or pseudonym pseudo name suit anonymous so I would check yes the nature of the authorship briefly described nature of material created by this author in which copyright is claimed so if you wrote the music you would write music if you wrote words and music or lyrics and music you would write lyrics and music as you can see there is a B author so there's a author B author a C author okay each one of them get to say what the contribution to the song was so if you're working with three songwriters together to create a song one did the drum track the other one did the instrumentals another one did the words each one of you would have a different contribution to the authorship okay number three the year in which this work was completed if you completed the work in 2022 you would write 2022 being sure to write very clearly and so that anyone could read it without having to struggle to see what it is you're writing okay next one is date and nation of first publication of this particular work okay so the date you would put is whatever month the day in the year what nation the United States England so forth now you only use this if this is published what is published in non published non publishers when you write a beat and you save it on your hard drive and that's a song you want to or beat that you want to sell but you never put it on the radio it hasn't been advertised or marketed in some consumer fashion in other words it's not being sold on iTunes then it has not been published now if you take a work and you create a song and you put it up on the internet for sale then that song is considered published because it is made available for public consumption okay part for copyright claimants what this is saying is who is claiming ownership of this copyright the name and address must be given even if the claimant is the same as the author sometimes an author can write the song but a publishing company will be the copyright claimants because they will own the actual work so you would put that name and address if it was ABC publishing it would be ABC publishing at 1:00 1:00 1:30 2:00 main street and you'd put that zip code and that city and state okay transfer transfer if the claimants name here is in space for.

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