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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fill Form 843 Android

Instructions and Help about Fill Form 843 Android

Hello everybody today I am here with a tutorial on something that I think many of you might find helpful and that is how to sign a document a PDF document on your phone now this is really helpful when somebody wants an actual physical signature on it for whatever the case may be maybe you're refinancing a home or purchasing at home and your lender like myself is asking you to sign let's say a letter of explanation what that document may not be sent to you with an electronic service like DocuSign and who are being asked to put an actual physical signature on it and that is what this little video is going to show you let's get started now I am going to be showing you this on an Android phone I believe that the process will work just the same on an iPhone and a Windows Phone so let's take a look at step 1 for step 1 you are going to open up your document now to sign it if the area is very small it might be helpful for you to actually enlarge and I'm hoping that you I can show you this on my phone so you open it and I'm going to angle this so that you can see it if you do this basically opposite of the pinch you are going to then see that the text on your document has been enlarged okay so then you would place it so that it makes it easier for you to have an area for you to sign so if you have the document in a size that you feel that you can work with you are then going to click on the bubble with a pencil and the bubble with the pencil is going to bring up for you another menu so you're going to click and that's going to bring up this menu with that menu you are going to then click on the actual little pencil that is on there and you are going to use your finger to sign it so let's see if I can so if you click on the pencil and then you sign okay so there's your let's say that's your signature okay so once you have signed it you're going to click the checkmark and that's going to take you to a screen that looks back like this click on the up arrow that's step number 4 here so that you can go back to the main screen once you are on your main screen you are going to then click on the three little dots so that would be these three dots and on share now it's hard to see online on my screen but that brings up a list of different programs you can use to send this document back to the person who is asking you for it so you use whatever in my program you want to use Gmail Yahoo the phones regular email app address it to the person that is asking for the document and there you have it you will be all done and they will receive a PDF document with your signature on it hope you find it helpful and if you have any questions send me a message talk to you soon.

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