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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Website

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Website

Welcome to the JDS web tutorial series in today's video I'll be showing you how to generate a custom URL for linking to one or all of our retail websites this allows you to eliminate the hassle of adding content to your own website the finished result does not have any JDS information on it so it looks like it's part of your own website by using the custom URL tool you can display your company's name a link back to your homepage phone number and email address for your customers to use to contact you when they find products that they want to order from the retail sites the sites you can link to our premier crystal comm for Crystal and glass Awards premier acrylic comm for acrylic Awards premier corporate Awards comm for awards and gifts for your corporate clientele premier sport Awards comm for sport related Awards and premier custom color com4 sublimate able awards and give products very soon all of these sites will have a responsive design that means no matter what device the site is viewed on the site will automatically adjust to fit the screen so let's get started first you'll go to JD s industries comm slash Mme this will take you to our retail marketing made easy website scroll down to the section that says retailer websites next to each image you'll see the links to the websites and links to the retail sites administrator the sites with a P at the end indicates that the site includes suggested retail pricing click on any of the links for the retail sites administrator next enter your zip code and your JD s customer number now you'll be in the admin controls page in here you have several options under the retail contact information you have the choice of displaying your contact information on the site you also have the option of displaying the information we have on file for you or if you want different information displayed you can select custom info this is used if you have for instance a different email address or phone number that you'd like your customers to use to contact you once you're finished click update controls next customize your contact information fill in the form on the far right let's use for example the trophy company as our business name I'll leave the street address the same but I'm going to change some of the other information once finished click Submit / update custom info button if successful you will see this note at the top next click the get custom URL button next to each site are the links that you'll use for your site let's select one so you can see what the complete site with your information looks like at the top has the link to your home page company name phone number and email address if you'd like to change something just go back to the admin controls page and scroll down to the user controls to make any necessary changes once you're finished to add one of the retail sites to your own site you'll have to create a button and then copy and paste one of the links into your code that will be associated to that button on your website you can link as many of the sites as you'd like if you have any questions about linking these sites to your own website please call 808 four three eight eight five three thank you.

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