Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Representative

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Representative

I want to sit here that in twenties the simplest so very minimal involvement of this wonderful house in the form of our first gently probability project we hope in the attribute 17 will have a robust completely project from this honorable house on this note I would like to make players at aspect of the budget 2021 it is my humble prayer that the sum of 130 3.4 billion naira only should be approved for the partner in monument in 2021 as derived from the National Army strength projection for the earth last year we didn't the requirement for the recruitment of more young able men and women into the Magellan island definitely there is an increase in strength of Odysseus and something is happening this year we're recruiting more ironic here we intend to have since 2021 and the persistence and then after default ok that means twelve thousand million years all right yes thank you as a result of the motion that we have graciously past I asked the chief of army staff to sano ambough take out we are thinking about you Music.

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