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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Refund

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Refund

Hi it's me Richland and it is tax time Music so on today's financial Friday I am going to go over my taxes talk about like what I do to file them like how I get them done and then I'm also going to delve into some of the information about my taxes first of all I have to tell you that I do have my taxes prepared and filed by a professional that professional is my dad my dad actually has his own tax business he does Texas personally just himself and he has been doing this since before I was even born and he just does it on the side of course during tax season he is a CPA he is currently retired but he worked in various bookkeeping accounting and also like somewhat of a CFO position basically that has been his job forever so I am extremely blessed that my dad does my taxes for free however he does charge a minimal fee I I think as far as if you are someone else he he doesn't charge a whole lot but it does help him make some money on the side I think that he enjoys doing it and he definitely enjoys getting a little extra money around tucks season time I am somebody that actually would definitely recommend a professional if your taxes are in any way kind of complicated or slightly complicated or you have no idea what you're doing then I would definitely recommend a professional to do your taxes for you but you have to be very careful and you know get recommendations you never know what could happen if you just choose a random stranger so I personally don't know anything about taxes so if I didn't have my dad available to do my taxes for me then I would actually hire somebody to do them for me because I have no clue when it comes to doing taxes and filing them and all of that but is involved with it I really just wanted to give you a rundown as far as how my taxes came out here what is happening if I'm getting a refund if I had to pay extra what I'm going to do because of that and a few extra tidbits like how much exactly did I make last year I want to start off by talking about last year's taxes so this is going all the way back to 2022 and in that year I moved I changed jobs and I also won $10,000 in a raffle at my church and so there was a lot of strange and different things that happens as far as my taxes were concerned and how that got filed I was actually due for quite a bit of a refund and I think most of that had to do with me winning the $10,000 because when you win $10,000 you don't actually get the full amount they take the taxes out first and they take it out at like the highest tax bracket so I did have money coming back to me for that however last year my student loans were in default and my taxes were actually seized and taken to help pay for my student loans I'm actually not a hundred percent sure what's gonna happen this year if I'm actually going to see that money or not if I do see that money it will definitely show in my budget update videos and I will definitely let you know about that so make sure that you are subscribed to check out my budget updates to check out if I actually get my tax money this year so now I'd like to go into this year's taxes which is 2022 and I will say the 2022 was pretty normal pretty low-key as far as income is concerned I didn't win any huge jackpots I basically had my regular job which I am a teacher and I also had a couple of side hustles I work out at Churchill Downs for Derby and also just during the live racing and then I also work at Keeneland which is another horse racing track but last year 2022 was really normal as far as income is concerned I didn't take on any extra jobs although I probably should have over the summer but I had a lot on my plate last summer and just never did pick up another job and I just had a teaching job and then my two side hustles so last year rounding up because the documents that my dad has doesn't show the sense it just kind of rounds it up on the paper but I made forty two thousand one hundred and eleven dollars last year I asked my dad if I had any deductions and how much each of them were and I was going to go into each of them because I did pay a lot of student loan interest last year but he actually said that I did not itemize he tried it both ways to itemize or not to itemize and it worked out better in my favor to not itemize so I don't have any deductions there's not really anything to tell you about I could tell you about how much student loan interest I paid last year but it doesn't affect my taxes because I didn't itemize I am receiving a tax refund this year I am getting six hundred and sixty nine dollars from the federal government and then I am getting eighty nine dollars back from the state of Kentucky I was pretty surprised as far as how much I made in total for the year because I make just over thirty seven thousand dollars from teaching alone that is my salaried amount so I do know how much that one is as far as working at Churchill Downs and Keeneland I never know.

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