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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Obtain

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Obtain

Now the last time I did this video is maybe like few months if I think it was last year because I was at my old condo I was at my old crib the last time I tried this so a lot has changed from then to now as you can see my hair is extremely large right now I'm grabbing it from the middle of my head and I could bring it down to like my eyes I grabbed it from the front and then I could bring it down below my nose so my hair is super super long and I said I asked myself is it possible for me to get my weights back with this hair technically way does it just lay down curls and as you can see my hair is curly but like I don't need all of like all that curl I just need like this much I don't need all this extra curls I think it's gonna be hard to do it I personally don't even think I could get my ways back because it's too sudden like my hair is too long I can't just brush my hair one time and get my waist back or can i we're about to find out you all so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna headed to the shower I'm gonna do the shower brush method I got my hard brush with me I got my doo rag with me I'm gonna shower brush in the shower for so long for me well five minutes I'm gonna come out I'm gonna give you guys a brush session I'm gonna brush my hair while it's wet until it's dry my doing on there we go see we gonna see if I can get my waist back so if I can't get my waist back this is just a sign that you should try and walk these loggers coffee imagine having lay down wigs at this length but the kind of crazy but yeah we're gonna try that right now so stay tuned hit that like button right now if y'all haven't subscribed yet don't make me come to this camera right now and press the button for you don't make me do that okay so press the subscribe button right now I'm about to hop in the shower and haven't trapped in the background by all windows so if y'all are feeling the track click the link in the description and shout the music video as well you brush it to that you know I'm kind of nervous I don't know if I can get my wings back y'all damn now y'all I just got out the shower and I looked in the mirror and I don't want y'all to roast me okay I know y'all y'all have been watching my videos for a long time okay I know y'all got my back but please please do not roast me right now I'm just doing this video for you this is what it is and this is what I have to deal with okay this is what I'm working with so please don't diss me yeah I didn't know it would look like this it looks like a mop bro I can't even think of anything I can't even roast myself I don't know what this is so what I'm gonna do now is I'm a brush for about five minutes ten minutes and put my rag on and then we'll see a pillow laid down okay yeah definitely you can't get away this is too long bro what is this you can see the waves though like you can see the waves kind of coming in but there's just way too much hair on my head Music Music I gotta go to the shortie like yo what's up girl yeah I might need to pull up pull up on the shows right hey what's up you like me like my hair like what's the deal I get your number you think she gave me the number or not Applause well I mean like if it's ever super sunny outside I could just go like this and I have a hat kind of like so I must put the do-rag on I'm gonna let it sit and settle for a bit it's laid down as much as it could lay down you think you can kind of see the waves but I'm a rag up and we'll come back disagreement on there Music makes my head look big brah you can see my hair trying to come out here here coming out here wow this is a mess alright I'm gonna let this sit and pull it down so it's tight I come back in about ten minutes alright you guys so let's learn about thirty minutes my hair is pretty dry you can see the hair is starting to come across the do-rag that just goes to show you how long my hair really is I don't even want to take my drag off because I know my hair might be messed up and like I might have to shower again I'm not trying to do that I'm trying to play ball right now but the moment I've been waiting for I don't want to wait any longer I want to see or feels messed up oh feels messed up goes like this I'll show you guys yeah yo but I'm spinning no I'm not ready don't lie okay boy I see you boy y'all see that I guess that goes to show you waves are just laid down curls that's the lesson that y'all should take from this so if you can't get waves right now that's because your hair is not curly so you grow your hair longer you'll start to get kirlyam you continue to brush it it will lay it down and you'll get this look not like.

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