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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Incorrect

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Incorrect

Hey David makris EPA here I want to tell you about an experience I had with a small nonprofit this nonprofit really was only had to file a 990 in but they made an error in their calculation of their of their gross receipts and they ended up filing in 990-ez but they forgot to file the schedule a so the IRS made a demand for the schedule a said their return was incomplete so the organization did the best they could prepare to schedule a faxed to the IRS and the address then promptly said hey we never got it and they sent them a penalty fairly hefty little penalty and that's when the organization brought me in so what I did was got the numbers from the client and it ended up being a big discussion looked more closely at their gross receipts determined that may they have made some errors in counting various sources of income bottom line was that when I prepared the schedule a the numbers were significantly different from what appeared on the original return on page one so I didn't feel like filing a schedule a with numbers that didn't match the return would be a good idea so I also prepared an amended return in addition to the schedule a and in addition to the reasonable cause abatement request letter I sent all that in with explanations of exactly what I was doing so a couple weeks later the client gets another notice that says hey we still haven't received the information requests we requested if you don't send us the information and the money we're going to we're going to levy your assets or whatever so I called the IRS and of course I had proof of everything that I sent in and they were very nice and explained that well what happened was they saw the amended return in there and that was what they focused on and they judged it to be a duplicate return simply ignored the fact that it was more amended in red ink on it and since they weren't interested in a duplicate just trashed it they completely ignored the schedule a which is what they wanted the schedule a and they completely ignored the abatement request letter and all of that apparently just got shredded there was no evidence of any of it in in the file so bottom line on that was that if the IRS requests information from you just send that to them don't send anything else in that envelope if you need to file an amended return or if you have additional information that they need send it separately send it to the same address send it at the same time just send it in a different envelope they have a process that they go through when they open an envelope you know they have I don't know it's a little checklist or whatever it is I don't know exactly what they do but if you the stuff that's in your envelope doesn't fit the process that goes with that notice that they sent you you know most likely you're not going to get the results that you want so how did how did I have to fix this well the advice that I got was to resend the schedule a along with the abatement request letter in one envelope and then resend the amended return in a separate envelope again I could send them to the same place at the same time just make sure they're in different envelopes now does that make any sense to you doesn't make any sense to me and it's pretty annoying and it was going to require a couple hours more work on my part but that's the IRS and I just wanted to pass along that information to you maybe it'll help you have patience and good luck form 990 help calm you you.

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