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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Hardship

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Hardship

Maps is built on top of an old forgotten Creed of truth freedom liberty and grits these brief fellows sow Adam and Justin have built maps bodies right here in the good old US of A they build these bodies to the last and endure feeling toughest terrain mud rain or snow if your body is rolling on anything else make sure you go check out all our awesome mass programs at my pub mediacom if you want to pump your body and expand your mind there's only one place to go mind behind with your hosts Sal de Stefano Adam Schaefer and Justin Andrews in this episode of blob for the first 50 minutes with your introductory conversation we start out by talking about having children later life and a declaimed declining population in some countries Oh Adams making the case here we talk about mind pumps newest sponsor super excited about is a cannabis delivery company it's available only in California you heard it first we're the first it's ease then a the company name is YZ e AZ e now you go online you create your own account online you have to pryour phone number you have to have a valid government ID because you have to be 21 or older you wait for an approval takes about five minutes and then you browse local products from local dispensaries and they literally deliver it to your door check this out we are hooking you up so if you go to ez oh that's e AZ e dot Co forward slash mind pump you can get $20 off your first order then we talk about our six-week challenge update Justin might have lost met have done one thing she's gotten bra you know what I was just trying to give you guys a little like extended art yeah but here's a little flag but for sig Maddox activated charcoal lemonade came to the rescue now we are sponsored by 4 Sigma Dec if you go to 4 sig Matic fo you are SI g ma TI c calm for - mind pump and enter the code mind pump you will get a discount then we talk about Adams contest progress he's kicking ass you should see his his back the love handles are disappearing we talked about my second all day workout update California's proposed kids beverage law nanny state and we talked about the muscle fiber study and the selective attention test and then we get into the questions the first question was what is the most accurate way to measure your BMR is how many calories you burn on a regular basis so we teach you that in this part of this episode yeah then we talk about creatine the next question is what do we think about creatine is it the greatest supplement of all time or is it crap the next question was directed more at Adam Katrina his girlfriend who you may have heard of is training for Spartan races what does her training look like and how should someone trained for obstacle course racing and then finally the last question name the top three unattractive traits we find in women and why people apparently want to know that also I'd like to mention maps performance our athletic and functional training program gets too lean and gets you moving like an athlete 50% off all month long go to mind pump mediacom use the code GREEN 50gr e and 50 all one word get 50% off again that's at mind pump Mediacom you know there's nothing more enjoyable than the sound of a child's laughter unless of course you don't have children then it's creepy as fuck yeah you don't want to hear that shit in your house like randomly in the middle of yeah then it's really but if you have kids it's nice it's a nice my best friend had his this weekend that's why whoa yeah both of them you see the first one among your friends so they have no no no there's a second one right now I'm the last man standing so I officially win I can now have a kid you was this the bet yeah of course you know who's gonna not be winning you didn't make when you're all then you have young kids and their kids are out of house yes yeah I disagree with that the beauty of that is that out of all of my friends I'm by far the fittest oh and the healthiest oh you're so even if they've got a three year a five year fuck I'll take a ten eighteen year fucking head start on me I'll still be in better shape owns will be me that's what's cool seventy that's what's different that's what's different today then you know twenty thirty plus years ago is you know are generate the generation and then even even the generation coming up now they're just more health-conscious you know so we're taking care of ourselves better yeah we see all I know as an overgeneralization is the population is getting fatter and getting sicker but there are people are more aware and I definitely see I mean it's creep my neighborhood you it they are more aware in fact studies show that Millennials and younger eat more vegetables and their parents - yeah it's becoming it's starting to happen yeah yeah being healthy is becoming cool yeah it's becoming they're growing up with better information available to you know what it is more than that it's that plus it's it's like smoking we talked about this in the past episode recently it's like smoking where you've had you had you you now can see several generations and you can see the effects of poor eating right so now kids growing up or like okay we know what's going on here we yeah like we need to backpedal.

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