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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Garnishment

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Garnishment

Hey, what's up everybody? Thank you so much for keeping up with the subscriptions. Like and subscribe, it helps me keep doing it. And I got a comment here, yeah, keep commenting Cheryl. See, I believe I've got the name correct. Can you explain how professional collection bureau can garnish your wages without your permission? So, I think she means a collection collector, a dead scavenger, that sort of person. How can they legally garnish your wages without your permission? Alright, the only way they can legally garnish your wages without your permission in most states is if they have a judgment against you. They have to file some paperwork with the court and get a judgment. A judge has to say yes, that debt is yours and you need to pay it. Since you're not paying it, we're going to go ahead and make a judgment against you and garnish your wages. Now, how does that usually happen? What usually happens is you don't show up for court. You bury your head in the sand, right? A lot of you guys out there get default judgments. You don't go to court, you don't fight, you don't ask to see proof, you don't ask to see verification, you don't ask to see how they're storing their documents, you don't ask to see where they got their original contract from the original furniture or how much they paid for it and why they think they can collect in your state and what state are they in, alright? So, you don't ask any of those things. You get scared. You shouldn't be scared because a lot of these debt collectors, these debt scavengers, don't have this information and they're trying to get quick default judgments and garnish your wages. So, what can...