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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Garnishment

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Garnishment

Hey what's up everybody thank you so much for keeping up with the subscriptions like and subscribe it helps me keep doing it and I got a comment here yeah keep commenting Cheryl see I believe I've got the name correct can you explain how professional collection bureau can garnish your wages without your permission so I think she means a collection a collector dead scavenger that sort of person how can they legally garnish your wages without your permission alright the only way they can legally garnish your wages without your permission in most states they have to have a judgment against you they had to file some paperwork with the court and they had to get a judgment a judge had to say yes that debt is your debt and you need to pay that debt and since you're not paying that debt we're going to go ahead and make a judgment against you and garnish your wages now how does that usually happen what usually happens is you don't show up for court you bury your head in the sand right a lot of you guys out there got default judgments you don't go to court you don't fight you don't ask to see proof you don't ask to see verification you don't ask to see how they're storing their documents you don't ask to see where they got their original contract from the original furniture on how much they pay for and why they think that they can collect in your state and what state are they in all right so you don't ask any of those things you get scared you know go you shouldn't be scared because a lot of these debt collectors these debt scavengers don't have this information and they're trying to get kwikki default judgments in garnish your wages so what can you do first and foremost okay you need if you get served papers you need to go to court and you need to fight I highly encourage everyone to hire a lawyer it's worth it I know you're thinking I don't have the thousand bucks for the lawyer how can you you know pay this thousand bucks look for legal aids cheaper legal eggs legal counsels pro bono lawyers look for anybody do you know someone who's going Moscoe that passed the bar I mean anything in all its going to be worth it even if you do invest a thousand bucks to save you and protect you have a shield for this death scavenger is trying to come after you for five or six or ten grand or whatever it is okay then number two you need to go to court so if you can't get a lawyer you got to go to court and you got to fight yourself you got to ask for proof verification you are innocent until proven guilty in this country right and then filing a case against you right so you're the defendant so why make their case for them you've got a fighting you got to ask you know where's the proof I want to see some contracts from the original furniture I want to see how they store their data I want to see their license to collect in the state and on and on and so forth and so on and you can go on and that can help you with that type of thing and you can buy you know one of my products you can you know we can do it for you and we can help you through that process now what happens if you do get a default judgment what can you do all right well I want you to understand that there are ways to appeal such a judgment now one of them is maybe you didn't get served papers right sometimes you get the old sewer service I'm gonna swear up and down that they serve two papers that just throw it in sewer right you never got it so you didn't get the service you didn't get the papers that is illegal all right and if you never got paperwork to you and your hand hey is this uh Joe are you Joe Smith you know yeah I'm Joe Smith and they give you those papers then it's not that's not legal and you have up to let me make sure I get this correct because I want to make sure that I answer this correct you have six months to appeal default judgments for defendant would not personally served you have within six months after the date of service of that written notice of that judgements once they put that judgment into your file you have six months to appeal that another way that it can happen is if there's some type of clerical error you want to dig through and see if there's a clerical error you can appeal that and if there was any mistakes new found evidence so what's nice is that you might be able to appeal because you found evidence that oh maybe this isn't my debt or maybe business zone so sir maybe there was a mistake on the social or something of that nature and you have six months to appeal under that so there's things you can do if you have a default judgment against you you can keep fighting guys okay and a big thing here is if it's satisfied release or discharge in some manner you can also get it removed from those court records and you don't have to pay and things of that nature so there's a lot you can do that's how wage garnishment happens that's how default judgment happens don't bury out in the sand fight get you a product at 6:09 creditrepair.com to fight these guys give us a ring we're Financial Group calm we can do the work for you you can good credit.

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