Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Finance

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Finance

Hello I'm Scott pile founder of Clio financial services where we serve as a fiduciary protecting your interest not as a salesman in our initial consultation we will spend time getting to know you will be interviewing us about who we are how long we've been in the industry what we've done the type of clients we serve and the value of the ad while I will be getting to interview you about your life dreams your goals your needs your interest what have you done in the past are you retire you want to be retired it really is time for us to get to know one another so we can serve as a for this year for you and your family how to prepare for the initial consultation is to write down the things that frustrate you about your finances when you lay your head down on the pillow at night is there something that goes through your mind is there something nagging at you about your current portfolio maybe even your current relationship what do you like or dislike about things you're currently doing with your finances or things you've done in your past it really is a preparation for us to get to know you I know in many of us hear the words free consultation we might hear sales pitch sales presentation we have met people over the years where after that initial consultation we really do decide that where they are or what they're doing or the frustrations they may nap are not things that will change by changing financial advisors and we can put away some of your concerns just by having a conversation it is not a sales presentation because quite frankly we're giving the W in that initial consultation it's all about being very honest very direct so we can decide together do we want to go to the next step so after spending approximately an hour together we should really be able to tell do we like each other I think that is the most important step is chemistry do we enjoy spending time together and then then and only then will we decide should we go to the next step the next step is when you will invest time pulling wills trucks financial statements bank statements budgets cash flow needs talking with your family about what is important to you from a financial perspective you would set an appointment and then come in and we would really start to dive deep into your financial situation so if you're ready to take that first step and join us in a free consultation email or call us today we will schedule a time and look forward to meeting you thank you for watching this video and we look forward to serve as your fiduciary protecting your interest and not as a sales.

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