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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Excess

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Excess

Hey what's up YouTube micromastia mass aquariums and in tonight's video I'm going to talk a little bit about nitrate specifically nitrate removal I'm getting a lot of questions in comments in some of my videos you know my fish seem to be doing this my fish seem to be doing that my nitrates are at 80 my nitrates are at 60 - Reds are this but what do i do what do i do what do i do so first of all what are nitrates nitrates are byproduct of fish waste whether it's feces or piss organic matter decomp decomposition food waste plant material breaking down nitrates are in everybody's aquarium now what's the fish keepers goal in whether it's freshwater or saltwater is to keep your nitrates to a level that will not harm your fish now there's plenty of you know google it watch videos you know you want your nitrates at no higher than 20 ppm some people say no higher than 5 ppm well you know nitrates are part of everybody's aquarium and it's a part of the equals eco system that is part of your aquarium whatever levels are acceptable you know there is a certain threshold is to each their own in their own tanks now I personally don't test for nitrates all that often I just know that I need to do regular maintenance to keep my nitrates to an acceptable level for my fish tank now I run saltwater fish tanks I will I run freshwater fish tanks and I know what kind of regiment I have to do to maintain acceptable nitrate levels so what's a great way to keep nitrates at an acceptable level this is why I shot this video after a water change a water change water...