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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Excess

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Excess

Hey what's up YouTube micromastia mass aquariums and in tonight's video I'm going to talk a little bit about nitrate specifically nitrate removal I'm getting a lot of questions in comments in some of my videos you know my fish seem to be doing this my fish seem to be doing that my nitrates are at 80 my nitrates are at 60 - Reds are this but what do i do what do i do what do i do so first of all what are nitrates nitrates are byproduct of fish waste whether it's feces or piss organic matter decomp decomposition food waste plant material breaking down nitrates are in everybody's aquarium now what's the fish keepers goal in whether it's freshwater or saltwater is to keep your nitrates to a level that will not harm your fish now there's plenty of you know google it watch videos you know you want your nitrates at no higher than 20 ppm some people say no higher than 5 ppm well you know nitrates are part of everybody's aquarium and it's a part of the equals eco system that is part of your aquarium whatever levels are acceptable you know there is a certain threshold is to each their own in their own tanks now I personally don't test for nitrates all that often I just know that I need to do regular maintenance to keep my nitrates to an acceptable level for my fish tank now I run saltwater fish tanks I will I run freshwater fish tanks and I know what kind of regiment I have to do to maintain acceptable nitrate levels so what's a great way to keep nitrates at an acceptable level this is why I shot this video after a water change a water change water changes will remove a lot of nitrates now don't want to do crazy water changes and I know I'll get a lot of dislikes or comments about those people that do I do 50% water changes every other day I do 90% water changes once a week um in my experience and from some research I've done I personally don't think that's the greatest thing for your fish um you you are running a closed system that everything needs each other to balance it out now could I be wrong yes you know I'm sure people are going to dislike that part of it but you know I don't think you need to do a ton of water changes in my opinion water changes are necessary you need to get some new water in especially if you have plants and tanks especially if you have reef tanks new water means new elements for your corals new water means new minerals for your plants now so one of the best ways to get nitrates to an acceptable level is to do regular water changes I like to do water changes on a big tank like this every two weeks I do about 25 to 30 percent water change every two weeks to keep my nitrates under control another way is to have some plants in your tank if you have fresh water tanks plants will consume nitrates they also make nitrates but at the same time they do consume some nitrates now nitrates can be bad for your fish but you don't want to completely wipe out your entire tank by constantly worrying about nitrates and pulling so much water out of your tank that you throw off the cycle throw off the balance of your tank another way I like to control nitrates is making sure your filters are very clean now I run a canister filter if you run I run hang on back filters now what you want to do is not go crazy don't be super crazy about your filters but every se month or two month break those filters down get those sponges cleaned out don't by any means don't rinse your media too much but get your sponges cleaned out replace your if you're running carbon if you're running GFO if you're running poly filter pads filter floss all that stuff you know replace it or clean it good because that holds a lot of organic matter which concentrates those nitrates and you know that can become a big problem in your tank now the reason why I'm doing this video besides the fact that I'm probably blowing the out of you now if you're still listening is I've got a lot of questions about my nitrates are out of control how do I control them does your thing water changes make sure your filters are clean and running properly and throw some plants in there get some plants in your fresh water tank folks it is going to help you big-time don't over stock I'm a big big fan of you know that one inch per gallon rule no I'm a big fan of the opposite of that you can put as many fish as you want in your tank as long as you have the capability to filter your tank and do the maintenance on your tank so that's my spiel I got to fill this tank back up and don't forget to go subscribe to my aquarium box it's a subscription-based subscription baked it's not baked subscription based service for fish keepers by fish keepers we're going to make your boxes you want to know why we know you love your boxes because wet fish keepers and we're making those boxes hit down linking up down below subscribe and palm out.

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