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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Estates

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Estates

Hi I'm Mike Benoit and I want to give you a little information today about IRS tyranny personal case of mine where the IRS in the United States government is stealing my house through the courts of course and claiming that i owe taxes which i don't know i'm going to go through the case try to cover it and a half hour try to do in such a way that it's not too technical for the layperson understand to get the jest of this and so just exposed tyranny for exactly what it is and it's quite simple tyranny here the case number case that you want to look it up on the booty college pacer the legal records website it's a southern district of california united states district court case number would be 308 c v 2 140 you can find it that point we start off of the United States complaint which they filed in late 2022 just for before I guess the statute of limitations would have run out 18th day of November and this is for alleged taxes owed for ninety nineteen ninety-five in 1996 and I answered the complaint asking for a jury trial force demanding a jury trial denying all the allegations and what else I'm going to go through this thing folder by folder and make a point they also sue in the process the lien holder or the lender of record yeah that's really kind of a funny bizarre way of doing things they suit also the state of California this is the IRS suing me for alleged back taxes and suing the mortgage holder and suing the state of California it's an interesting way that the state of California becomes actually have an additional plaintiff and so I don't know what kind of legal force or fiction this is but they're they're listed as defendant but they have a claim for the same years of lunch taxes being oh so they're brought in as an additional defendant but in the process they're acting as if they're I mean they're acting as another plaintiff against me creating another lien on the property we're trying to get their fair share what they're alleging here now I'm reaching over for folders so forgive me on that and I should have the docket here instead but I'm just going to flip through these things real quick and they got the standard little procedure they got to discovery plans case management on that instructions from the court so you go through the motions here and in this folder and I think there's much to paying attention to okay so we're going to use this document list it's going to be a lot easier way of explaining the sequence of events here okay as the court lays out joint discovery planet we're supposed to follow and in that process I propose interrogatories and propose production of documents and so does the government and let's see the first thing that becomes kind of important here on this list oh well in this process the United States government filed a joint motion where the other defendant the state of California and they claimed that the United States government has has priority over the state of California of course I wasn't involved in that that so-called joint agreement and I objected to that because you know how would how could you state to the United States has priority over a claim that's not even adjudicated maybe they're the United States's Tang was bogus in the States was was not bogus so about this little thing that they do in the process and next thing I needed more time so I filed a motion to state proceedings I didn't get anything on that next item up some never can't find it here by a joint discovery dispute I had presented him to speak to the court whereas the government didn't answer my interrogatories and my production of documents I ask for things like production of assessments record of assessment and other documents and the key thing that I asked for was underlying code section that made me liable for taxes and the government would not did not answer that question basically they said until the court they said that and the code is public record that been walking find these things as well as they could cetera et cetera well the magistrate judge said that that wasn't going to stand he wanted them the government show me the underlying statute that created the liability so I thought I had something here because I know they couldn't find that and what the government responded with on that was a an answer that they posed a totally different question to the question that I posed the question I posed is and please state the code section then impose the tax on me and their answer was here are the code sections that relate to this matter so they didn't answer that and the interrogatory I was in terms of exposed and they listed about nine different code sections several of them were just definition code sections but the court allowed that and accepted that so next thing that happens is the government files a motion for summary judgment so if you don't know what that is summary judgment basically is a decision where both parties do not dispute the facts there's no disputing the facts they're simply a disagreement over the law and this is real a real huge example of tyranny by government in the government courts of course you know its citizens against the IRS government where the government judge and so I'm disputing that I owe this money all the time on disputing several points of issues within them within the case well the IRS of course is going to claim that there is no dispute over the facts they're going to IRS going to say the.

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