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Can Form 843 Erased: What You Should Know

As stated in IRS Forms 843 for a Tax Year, when the tax year ends, the Forms 843 shall be returned to the IRS. If the IRS or court order you to pay tax to the United States, and then you file a false return, you would have to make payment to the United States and pay the taxes you owe, even if your false return was filed only 6 months later. You would not be allowed to file the return again and have it valid. The government would then demand your return, and you would have to pay the entire amount of the tax. There would be no appeal. If you can prove that it was your intention to deceive the US, then you would have to pay the money to the United States. Tax Liens The court cases have not decided exactly how tax liens work on real estate. Most states have enacted laws governing the right of creditors to foreclose, so that property may be sold at public auction instead of being held by owners pending the outcome of judgments. If a creditor believes that a person owes the debtor money, they may file a claim against his or her real property. The courts may enter an order to set aside the judgment for a period of time, or to freeze the property until the debt is paid. The debtor may then petition the court to set aside the judgments based on the debtor's failure to meet payment deadlines for the judgments. As stated in the section on Taxes and Your Finances we have an important part of our home — your tax return. You may have to pay 200.00 each year you file your tax return. If you are a US citizen, there may be additional taxes you have to pay when the money lands into your bank account. Federal Tax Liens on Real Property Tax Liens on Real Property include tax liens on real property held by the United States, the state in which the property is located, any city owning land in the state of the tax liens, any county or county annexing land in the state of the tax liens, or any county or county annexing land in another county or county. No exceptions. The debtor is subject to all rules and limitations applicable to any lien against the debtor's real estate. All tax liens have their own rules regarding when, where and how your property may be sold. There are a couple ways to find out if a judgment exists or is in jeopardy.

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