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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Can Form 843 Comments

Instructions and Help about Can Form 843 Comments

Music hello everybody and welcome back to my channel so I have a few things to say before I dive right on into this video I hit my one-year mark here for this channel on Father's Day and that was a massive deal for me we are almost fear I think less than 15,000 away from 200,000 subscribers on this channel and I just want to say thank you guys so so much this work is so incredibly difficult to do sometimes I sit here and freak out like wondering how I'm going to keep on going but when you guys show me the amount of support that you do and you know reach out to me saying kind things when I see names that I've seen for a year now support my channel and continue to send in suggestions and continue to offer help with any behind the scenes things possible it makes my heart so incredibly happy you guys it has changed my entire life having this channel it has changed my children's lives it's changed my husband's life it has made me have a completely different outlook on absolutely everything and I feel so fulfilled which I was really lacking that personally for a very very long time before I started this channel and you know everything just kind of hit me all at once at the one-year mark I remembered filming my first video and researching for my first video and the first time a parent contacted me and the first time you know I got a hate comment the first time that I received an email from one of you guys saying that I had really encouraged you to go into criminal justice there's just I remember every second of it all and I would be nowhere without you guys at all literally I would be nowhere and so I just wanted to take a minute and say thank you I know as my channel grows it's harder for me to talk to you guys in the comments section and on snapchat and Instagram and all the places that I used to try so hard to talk to everybody so this is my easiest way to get a thank you out to everybody and know that even if I don't like your comment or respond to everything you host I see everything possible and I am so incredibly thankful and grateful for where you guys have let me go with this channel now under the second thing before I dive into at this video I want to remind you guys of my submission form down below I've been receiving a ton of emails and DMS everywhere with suggestions and in the comment sections of my videos and because I have so many different platforms it is absolutely impossible for me to get all the suggestions from those different areas so to make sure I can spend as much time as possible actually reading into these cases and not going through hundreds of emails please please please and in any suggestion that you have into the submission form it's just this quick little link you can click down below it has literally all the different boxes that you have to fill out for everything that I need to know about the case you leave your email just so I can get in contact with you if need be and that is the most efficient way you can make sure that I get your suggestion um I know a lot of you guys have been getting frustrated lately that I haven't covered specific cases you've suggested but I just checked the other day while going through the spreadsheet at this point I have a couple thousand suggestions so I'm working through them as fast as I possibly can I promise just hang in there with me because I'm not going anywhere anytime soon and it may take a while for me to get to it but I'm going to get to it eventually I promise we can finally get into a today's case and today's case is a pretty old one and it's the disappearance of Sarah bushland I looked into this I was heartbroken at the lack of exposure so let's just go ahead and jump right in so Sarah bushland was last seen at the age of 15 on April 3rd 1996 just two years prior to her disappearance Sarah had moved to Spooner Wisconsin with her mother Marie her stepfather Jim Lambert and her two stepbrothers now her parents had divorced when she was a toddler and from what I've seen she spent a lot of the time with her biological father sister and Chippewa Falls but for one reason or another she decided she wanted to move in with her mother and stepfather now after she moved in with them she started experiencing quite a few bits of teenage struggles as I said she was 15 years old at the time but she was hanging out with a much much older crowd and she had a boyfriend that was around 21 years old I believe so she was really putting herself into situations where there are large maturity differences they have very different interests and she was being influenced by their lifestyle choices but it was really confusing her because she was 15 she had her own set of interests that were very different than this older crowd but she was trying to fit in with them and do the same things as them so she really started having some behavioral issues she was acting out every once in a while and this constantly landed her in trouble with her mother and her stepfather now she had a diary where she kept all of these different frustrations written down in and through reading the diary it was very obvious that she was very conflicted and very confused she didn't understand her relationship.

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