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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Requests

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Requests

And we meet again yes this is Rob Reider and this video is my request for service attempting to answer the who what when where why and how and who was my US representative the why was my request for service I want him to do something for me because I'm his constituent and that makes him my agent and attorney when well I did send it out on Good Friday as a matter of fact and the where is to his district office so every US representative has a district office or he could have more than one but you know it's the thing that's in your where you are not him in DC it's we're all in a district we're all in a congressional district of one kind or another and the territorial boundaries of this district pretty much follow the territorial boundaries of the congressional townships that were first surveyed back when everything was still a territory before there were states and myself I don't believe they're States anymore there may have been they went bankrupt and everything reverted back to the territory to the federal government and so the Congress actually has jurisdiction over the local and the national law because there is no local law right there not do anything in that's why I spent 200 videos looking at and say well these people don't do this stuff it says here does say it they're not doing it oh they're not actually I even hold in the office they don't have enough they don't have a bond I'm not gonna argue with it I'm gonna say well okay they're not the government but somebody must be here we wouldn't be here Ernie somebody's holding the ship together it may leak a bit but thank God you know some place God has the Saints and we're gonna go so I'm gonna go try to find st. why well because I want to find a saint and the how is uh what the video is about the actual what it was it was sad how it was sad and how it all happened so and this is Holy Saturday day before Easter April 4 2022 let the vigil begin of course the risin of Christ and with that in mind we adore you all Christ and we praise you because by your Holy Cross you have redeemed the world amen to that all right so why he's down in hell getting the keys from the devil he's already done that but that's what happened at this time he's given us the power to cast out demons on earth it's so how are you gonna do that well I'm gonna try to do it with paper spirit-filled paper right that's the idea so let's look at what we're gonna need here for this you're gonna want to go maybe if you want to follow along to the Office of Congressional Ethics right it's the old C e dot house gov if you go under about you get this list here about it's run laws codes and rules the boarding staff is interesting I think you should read the people are in the board staff but there's two documents the false statements Act and the House Ethics manual that you know are gonna show at least to me here's somebody who's used to read manuals I spent 10 years in the Army sits five years working at nuclear power plants which are really just run by the nuclear Navy I can tell everything in the government's done by a manual right if you don't follow the manual if you don't file a procedure you could be court-martialed you could be shot on the spot so they take it quite serious right so the problem is we're going to these people that are you know they're deep into the crime and they're not gonna help you but if there is a thin blue line someplace well when you find that saint who's been put there by God so when you bring your paperwork to him it gets through well that just takes a little bit of faith and I'm a faith filled man I believe that's exactly what's gonna happen I'm gonna make him do it so in this house Essex expand Ewell which is what it looks like if you go to the section that deals with casework and to make it easier see which is uh you know page 311 of a 456 page document but I think the actual page numbers 299 299 where it says then an important aspect of House members represent a representative function is to act as a go-between or conduit between the members constituents and administrative agencies of the federal government use your agent okay I'm sure you can say that's the definition of an agent the Constitution guarantees all citizens the right to petition the government for redress of grievances a logical point of contact is one's elected representatives I don't disagree furthermore members of Congress continually must monitor government programs and the administration of public laws it's his duty to make sure the public laws are being filed within his district and the way he's gonna no one isn't being followed it's because you're gonna bring it to his attention outstanding as the Supreme Court has recognized serving constituents and supporting legislation that will benefit the district lower case district and individuals and groups therein is the everyday business of the legislature it's his job to do it now over the last month we tried numerous ways and in attempts to get information out of legislature but most of it was focused at the state as it turns out you know I'm just gonna say they're not there I'm gonna go to mic US Congressmen because of the state if all the office have been vacated and then it's not that the state doesn't exist there's just nobody.

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