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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Refuses

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Refuses

Music lassy welcome back to michael or beer with a two-part talk refusing to take part in the birth certificate fraud and the making of the great british mortgage swindled a little controversial this evening Michael gives a live example of refusing to register of birth and its consequences then later we'll cover the mortgage and the film which he co-produced and directed the greatest British mortgage swindle Michaels website east of w's Rob male dog also founded the little you stink free dog UK and is a founding trustee of the universal Community Trust and art war please welcome Michael David good evening everyone and thanks for turning up I am I was talking with me Missy Sally and she said oh you see that was lost horizons tonight and I said I don't think that I go down particularly well knows New Horizons and yes they have invited me back which means perhaps I wasn't controversial enough last time or in some saying of people or maybe the the audience here does enjoy controversial material this evening I'm aiming said there will be some aspects to this which appear controversial so I'm sure you'll enjoy that if you are indeed an audience that enjoys and thrives on controversy underpinning it all is something that is as critical as this is critical thinking is our ability to to understand and to work our way through our lives knowing that most of if not every aspect of public life certainly has been inverted their lies are used on a daily basis against people whether it's through the education system through the foods through the the legal system as its called through the through the media the propaganda outlets propaganda incidentally used to be it was was changed the name of...