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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Refuses

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Refuses

Music lassy welcome back to michael or beer with a two-part talk refusing to take part in the birth certificate fraud and the making of the great british mortgage swindled a little controversial this evening Michael gives a live example of refusing to register of birth and its consequences then later we'll cover the mortgage and the film which he co-produced and directed the greatest British mortgage swindle Michaels website east of w's Rob male dog also founded the little you stink free dog UK and is a founding trustee of the universal Community Trust and art war please welcome Michael David good evening everyone and thanks for turning up I am I was talking with me Missy Sally and she said oh you see that was lost horizons tonight and I said I don't think that I go down particularly well knows New Horizons and yes they have invited me back which means perhaps I wasn't controversial enough last time or in some saying of people or maybe the the audience here does enjoy controversial material this evening I'm aiming said there will be some aspects to this which appear controversial so I'm sure you'll enjoy that if you are indeed an audience that enjoys and thrives on controversy underpinning it all is something that is as critical as this is critical thinking is our ability to to understand and to work our way through our lives knowing that most of if not every aspect of public life certainly has been inverted their lies are used on a daily basis against people whether it's through the education system through the foods through the the legal system as its called through the through the media the propaganda outlets propaganda incidentally used to be it was was changed the name of it was chasing human relations by Edward Bernays back in the nineteen thirties I believed so if I have made an error in fact or reason the audience is kindly invited to pointy out but could you serve our servants or the end please so yeah with everything the emphasis has to be on critical thinking and and that means of course looking through the evidence now this is worth looking into if anyone's heard of it it's called the Trivium which simply means the three roads and it's it's basically a system of thinking that allows you to reach the truth or when I'm talking about the truth deceiving as you can see I'm talking about oh but some people will say correctly that there is no such thing as truth or it's all subjective well that is a lie there's a fallacy because the truth is simply all that is all that was and all that will be the Trivium is an ancient technique that uses the natural abilities of the brain to work things out and as the name suggests it's a three-rail process but like a Holy Trinity with the first step in grammar which is in the top left of the of the triangle there the second state grammar is simply the information as is flowing in the what's the word the who the hell of the subject matter logic is the process of sifting through that information coming to an understanding of it and the final part is rhetoric which we understand pronounces one's ability to communicate to other people but it can also be viewed upon us as being if you've learned something truly you've really understood it and you're expressing the truth alarm answer then that is the rhetoric it's your expression and how well you can synthesize the information and make it clear or explain it to other people grammar can be viewed as knowledge logic can be understanding and the two together knowledge and understanding combines to give us the third aspect which is wisdom now anyone who has a thinking fully functioning brain well once they start looking so a number of the subjects I'm sure many of you are interested in well they never said when it comes to the conclusion the government is never the solution is always the problem it is a matter of fact to say that in the 20th century alone government was the biggest killer of people around the world we have the word genocide the inventor of the word genocide this is a crow of his rifle like in quotes genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation it is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups with the aim of annihilating the group's themselves now if we see if we pause three flights on that we can browse him to understand why and I'm going to be speaking on the subject Leiter the great bridge mortgage twinkle is in fact a genocide it's a form of genocide throwing people out on the streets over fake deaths knowing in the full knowledge that they're going to suffer mental and physical ill being as a consequence of that is causing them harm and I would argue it causes the deaths of many people and so can be viewed as an answer genocide there are countless other examples of genocide in in the world that we're living for instance fracking if they destroy the the water tables then Thyestes genocide against the people and the people of course who were instigating these actions are in fact laying themselves why Delfin once the people get wind of this and all nice wide opens of prosecution's doctor subjects a government Lysander Spooner said quote it is self-evident that no number of men by conspiring and calling themselves a government can acquire any rights whatever over other men or other men's property which they had not before as individuals and whenever any number of men calling themselves a government do anything to another man or to his.

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