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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Refund

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Refund

It's me again it's 6:30 in the morning come on Steven got up he doesn't want to get up he's um I told it was 6:30 and he's like oh my god are you serious anyways come on child the early bird gets the worm anyways I've been up since 5 o'clock this morning and I'm trying to get ready so I can get to work but I will have good news for you guys so yesterday I picked up my mail and my um my mailman he has to walk like the entire yard so I was like you know let me do him a favor I love my mailman he's one of the best but um he um I went to go get my mail and he says hey you have uh I go can I get my mail so you don't have to walk all that that entire mile to my mailbox Kengo sure so he gives it to me he goes he got a couple of checks and I said checks mm I'm not expecting anything so I took the checks tonight I took all my Mel and I came upstairs I got a couple of um a couple of letters of when I went to a casino because they track what you're spending and I the truth always floats you guys anyways I have a video it's called psycho refund and it's also in Spanish it's called tremble so fill it on okay I guess it's that time again last year I got a lot more money this year I didn't get much money but it's okay so I knew guys are gonna be getting mail you guys are going to be getting checks in the mail and I wanted to show you guys because it's extra cash and the the last time I went look at my video but the last time I went ahead and I looked up this information it's basically I guess we're under and I'll turn this around so you guys can see what I'm talking about mmm you see I want to make sure I covered just about I got three of them one of them was direct deposit and direct deposit always comes like in a long long sheet okay it's a long sheet I got three of them and one of the things I wanted to show you guys is at the bottom it says you worked as an IHSS provider during 2022 but did not earn enough to reach the annual earnings threshold set by the Social Security Administration because you do not owe the Social Security any Social Security tax FICA for the year 2022 you are entitled to receive the FICA refund payment they paid me for it's the the net pay is 8 dollars and 55 cents okay that's what the net pay us when you get your hold on a second when you get your I gotta cover this up because I don't want you to my own my person is and just for it's just so that you guys can see get an idea so when you receive this they're not going to be like what so it has the payee provider which is myself it has the service period and it'll say 12 1 18 to 12 31 18 it'll say the process date it was processed on the 26 pay rate will be 0 hours a minute will be zero hours paid zero zero zero zero zero so you can tell all the way down okay so good morning Sheila you woke up god bless you sister it's basically it there's poverty levels okay and the last time I checked poverty level I think was if we make under twenty five thousand I think that's the poverty level I haven't really done my taxes yet I normally do my own taxes because I don't want I don't really want to pay anyone to do them for me so if you want to avoid paying anyone to do something for you you gotta learn how to do it yourself but I wanted to show you guys this again because I guess they're gonna be doing it every year this year III I think I got two checks one of them was for $8.00 and the other one is for what ten dollars and sixty six cents and then I also have to deposit for eleven eleven something eleven fifty and when I got that deposit for eleven fifty because they owe me travel time I want to double check it I had a beautiful conversation with one of the provider clerks I found out that that's what it wasn't she's actually the one that told me but I totally forgot but I wanted to show you guys I wanted to tell share excuse me I want to share with you guys is this information because I don't want you I had a lady last year that was so frightened to cast the check this was like I didn't pay I didn't receive you know I didn't do anything why are they paying me is this my money should i cash it should I not cash it so now you guys know go ahead and take a look at there's more details on my on the other video that I did and expect some money I will tell you that some of my consumer first for some reason or other I do not get any money and return from them I don't know exactly why I'm assuming I've made too much last year I got I had many I think I had like ten consumers a couple of them passed away but I got I got about $500 so thirty-five dollars okay that's not a problem you know but it would have been nice if it was five hundred but it's not so you know I think it was about.

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