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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Quarterly

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Quarterly

Music in this video we will show you how to file a sales and use tax return once you have logged in go to filings in the left menu list if you manage more than one business you will need to select a business team you are filing for otherwise you will see filing details the filing details page is displayed with three tabs incomplete filings new filing and filing history you will select new filing to proceed with filing a return if you have an incomplete or saved return this will be displayed in the incomplete filings tab once on the new filing tab you will see account address status and action to file a return simply click the green file button in the action column located to the right of the account and location you want to file a return for the first page of the sales and use tax return is the filing period you will need to select the period end date of the return you are filing to select a date use the calendar icon only filing periods can be selected with this calendar all other days are grayed out you will need to answer yes or no to the two questions do you have any retail wholesale or out-of-state sales of tangible personal property to report and did you make any purchases for your business subject to use tax a tooltip has been provided to assist you with these questions select accounting your reporting in by clicking the radio button left of the county name you will now see the window has expanded and you will enter your sales figures you can see the figures are calculating as you input the amounts once you have completed entering a county and sales totals you can add another County or click continue if you believe you have made an error on a page you can click previous to go back and correct errors and you can also save the return for later at any time you can also remove a County once completed click continue the County summary will pryou with a summary of all the counties and figures you have input from County info here you can also click preview to go back click continue or save next you have a detailed summary of your return we encourage you to review this return and use previous to go back if you need to correct any figures you can also print this page for your records by clicking the print icon located at the top of the page once you have determined you accept this return you will be required to click the check box to clearing the amounts displayed or true correct and complete after you have checked the box click Submit your return confirmation page is now being displayed please print this page for your records the confirmation page displays the account type and period you have filed and includes the return confirmation number also a printable PDF of your return is now available in the filing history for this business name if you have any taxes due you can make a payment now by clicking make a payment or schedule a payment if you have any issues with this process please contact our call center at.

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