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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Pros

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Pros

Morning guys so we are officially one day out for my prayer debut we're about to go do this last session of fasted cardio together which is for 25 minutes and I want to thank you so much for all the positive vibes all the love all the messages you guys have sent my way it literally has been so motivating and I go so much harder because of you guys knowing that I'm inspiring you guys knowing that mama didn't raise no damn bitch like I don't know how much I preach that but for real mama didn't raise no bitch and we going in guys tomorrow we step on stage as an IFBB Pro like that is crazy to me this has been a dream of mine and I'm living it this is insane all right so what we got to do today right we're gonna eat all of our meals which is meal number one 10 ounces of liquid egg whites meal - oh no meal number one 10 ounces the liquid egg whites 1/2 a cup of oatmeal meal number two four and a half ounces of chicken with a hundred grams of sweet potatoes meal number three four and a half ounces of tilapia with a hundred grams of sweet sweet potato meal number four four and a half ounces of tilapia with a hundred grams of sweet potatoes middle number five four ounces of ground turkey with 1/3 cup of sweet potatoes for a meal number six we're gonna get a burger and fries where'd my camera just randomly shut off on me but as I was saying today we're getting our first coat of 10:00 last night I shaved my whole entire body and shoutout to the females out there that are watching this right now that shaved everything because that is literally the hardest thing to do like bending over to like shave the back of my calves was so hard and like shaving my arms and my armpits I cut myself twice twice and never like this the only time I shave is obviously for a competition but females do that every day guys so if your girlfriend shades for you thank her because or appreciate that because that shit is hard as hell so we're gonna we're gonna get our first coat of tanning today I've got a meeting with protein at 2:45 to discuss a sponsorship and then tonight for meal number six we get a burger and fries I was looking on Yelp and there's like a brewery like right down the road from where we're staying at the Airbnb that has really good burgers so hopefully that's not a letdown it's a Friday night the last time I got a burger and fries in Columbus Ohio it was that bear burger I waited like three hours for my burger and I was so so hangry tonight hopefully we'll be better but tomorrow we're stepping onstage as a pro and that is so crazy like we're gonna see where I stack up with these boys I'm not that I'm not the biggest guy I'm only five five waiting at 163 this morning but you know what we go on we're gonna go out there we're gonna handle business we're gonna hold our own have a good time it's always been a dream of mine to compete as a pro and now I get to say that I am hanging out with the big boys the elite level competitors but I'm still a regular ass dude doing regular ass things getting regular gas but I love you guys let's do this one day out all right so I just wrapped up 25 minutes of cardio so now we're gonna head home check in with Terry eating those wanted to take an Epsom salt bath and then get my first cut of tan on and then head over to protein Music so for meal number one we've got half a cup of oatmeal but sugar-free syrup on it and ten ounces of liquid egg whites so now it's time to take an Epsom salt bath so basically what an Epsom salt bath does it's gonna pull out more water for my my body and make me more dry all right so for meal number three we got four and a half ounces of tilapia with a hundred grams of sweet potatoes while watching Gary Vaynerchuk so Katie and I are about to head over to the protein headquarters I'm prepping my meals which meal number four is four and a half ounces of whitefish and 100 grams of sweet potatoes this is meal number five which is four and a half ounces of ground turkey 65 grams of sweet potatoes and 1/3 cup of oatmeal and meal six is burger and fries so I'm gonna take you guys along with me to see the tanning process so I won the overall at the Arnold I got one of these six-pack book bags as a gift in honestly this has been a lifesaver for this prep I've been able to travel with all my meals and they stay cold they gave me three freezer packs which keep all my food cold and it's huge like the book bag is massive it's got like four compartments and the side right here is where my peanut butter is and this is what I'm gonna hold my pickles and right in here I'll hold my rice cakes for tomorrow so yeah shout out to gaspari for this nice six pack bag we are on the way to pro tain official I just want to say can we stop for one second and admire my beautiful girlfriend and appreciate all this greatness y'all I'm so lucky Music see the owner protein Music right we do a lot of sin here I got a tan on retain headquarters right now so they're gonna go back.

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