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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Historical

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Historical

Music 33 ad forty days after his resurrection Jesus Christ descends into heaven he leaves behind eleven apostles commissioning them to make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit there were only 500 disciples in the world all of them located in the remote riman province of Judea this is the story of how the gospel spread from five hundred disciples in Jerusalem to the whole world nine days after the Ascension the day of Pentecost the Twelve Apostles are praying together with Mary the mother of Jesus suddenly the Holy Spirit descends upon them and Peter preaches to the people of Jerusalem three thousand people are converted the church is born people from all across the known world are present in Jerusalem to hear Peters speech in acts 8 Philip while in Gaza shares the gospel with the eunuch of the royal court of Ethiopia the eunuch believes the gospel and is baptized he returns to Ethiopia to spread the good news Philip continues his preaching in Caesarea maritima on the Mediterranean coast in Acts 11 persecuted disciples in Jerusalem flee as far as Phoenicia Cyprus and Antioch where they spread the gospel Antioch is the third largest city in the Roman Empire after Rome and Alexandria in acts 13 and 14 Paul and Barnabus spread the gospel in Cyprus Pamphylia and southern Galatia following the Council of Jerusalem in acts 15 Paul sets out on his second missionary journey from Antioch preaching the gospel in his native Silesia before moving on to Macedonia and Greece on his return home he visits Ephesus the largest city in the Roman province of Asia in modern-day Turkey and the fourth largest city in the Roman Empire in acts 18 to 21 Paul sets out from Antioch to visit the churches he had established across Galatia Asia Macedonia and Greece before returning to Jerusalem in acts 27 Paul has taken under guard by Roman soldiers from Judea to Rome after leaving Crete the ship has lost to a storm but miraculously lands of Malta in acts 28 from where Paul makes his final journey to Rome the narrative history of the Bible ends in acts 28 with Paul teaching the faith in Rome tradition tells us of the journeys of the other apostles st. James the older brother of John the Evangelist preaches the gospel in Spain he returns to Jerusalem where in acts 12 is run through with the sword by Herod Agrippa Philip spritz the gospel in Asia where he is crucified upside down Bartholomew travels to India after sharing the gospel there he travels to the kingdom of Armenia the location of Mount Ararat where he is skinned alive and beheaded Music Thomas who doubted the resurrection of Jesus preaches in the kingdoms of Austria and Armenia before traveling to India where he preaches in Punjab and mylapore he is stabbed to death by Hindu priests near Madras Mathew stays in Palestine where he writes his gospel in Hebrew he eventually moves to Ethiopia where he is martyred Simon and Jude preach in Tessa Fong capsule of the Parthian Empire where they are said to converse 60,000 believers before returning to sue an air modern-day Beirut in Syria where they are martyred Matthias who was chosen to replace the apostle Judas evangelizes Armenia and the north shore of the Black Sea he returns to Jerusalem and is stoned to death st. James the just stays in Jerusalem and prays in the temple every day finally an angry mob throws him off the top of the temple and stones and clubs him to death shortly thereafter Jerusalem revolts against the Roman Empire the armies of Vespasian march on Jerusalem and completely destroy it including the temple in 70 AD Andrew the brother of Simon Peter spreads the gospel as far north as Crimea and present-day Ukraine before preaching in Byzantium present-day Constantinople and finally arriving in the city of Patras in the province of akia present-day Greece where he is crucified on an axe shaped cross as he deemed himself unworthy to be crucified on the same type of cross as Jesus Simon Peter leaves Jerusalem following the council in acts 15 and becomes the first Bishop of Antioch where he stays for eight years he then preaches in Asia before arriving in Rome Simon Magus who in acts 8 had attempted to buy the gift of laying on hands follows Peter and his travels across the world performing magic tricks to convince people that he not Jesus is the true Savior Simon Magus teaches his followers that he is the true God who had revealed himself as the Father in Samaria the son in Judea and now the Holy Spirit to the Gentiles Simon Magus becomes known as the father of all heretics those who try to lead the faithful astray from the sound teaching of Simon Peter Simon Magus also taught that his followers would be saved by grace alone without the need for good works because in his teaching the designation of works as good or bad was an arbitrary construct invented by fallen angels at Rome Simon Peter and Simon Magus are brought before Emperor Nero while the Apostle Paul prays for Simon Peter Simon Magus performs a magic trick where his lifted into the air by demons however Simon Peter commands the demons to release him and Simon Magus falls to his death Simon Peter sends his disciple marked the Evangelist to Alexandria Egypt the second-largest city in the world mark becomes Alexandria's first bishop emperor nero blames christians for the Great Fire of Rome in the year 64 and slaughters the Christians in Rome the Apostles Peter and Paul are martyred Peter is crucified upside down on Vatican Hill because he deems himself unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus Saint John the Evangelist is thrown.

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