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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Garnishment

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Garnishment

Music. Hi, this is Jonathan Ginsberg. I'm a personal bankruptcy attorney located in the Atlanta area. Today, I want to discuss what you can do if you are faced with an unexpected wage garnishment, or in other words, a wage garnishment emergency. Here's how it works: if someone obtains a judgment against you, they can take that judgment and turn it into a wage garnishment order. They will then go to your employer and instruct them to withhold a percentage of your wages, which is usually around 25%. This withheld amount is then sent to the plaintiff, or the judgment creditor. It's important for employers to comply with these orders, as they may become responsible for the full outstanding balance if they fail to do so. Many people are caught off guard when they first learn about wage garnishment. Often, their employer notifies them about a notice of continuing wage garnishment, and they have no idea what it is or how to handle it. It's crucial to understand that wage garnishment can only occur if there has been a judgment against you. If you ever receive a document handed to you by a sheriff's deputy, that's a lawsuit, and you must take action. Additionally, periodically checking your credit report can also help you identify if you have been sued. Websites like annualcreditreport.com allow you to obtain your credit reports for free, and they may indicate whether you have been sued. If you find out that you have been sued, it's a warning sign that your wages could be subject to garnishment. There are instances where you may be sued in another state. Some credit card agreements include a clause that gives the lender the right to sue you in a different state, such as New York, California, or Nevada. Although they are...