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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Filing

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Filing

This is Sandra a on again your home care provider member leader for all you providers out there okay so the reason I'm putting this video up today is because I came home and I have one of those old-school mailboxes right well I opened up the mailbox and to my surprise there was like one two three four five six seven checks I'm wondering why they're seven checks since I'm not oh seven and then the one that I got deposited that's eight and I was shocked cuz it's not a lot of money but it's quite a bit of money on my dough u2's on my w-2s I'm sorry on my check stubs it says the recipient name it says the provider name it has the case number for the ship in it has the ID number for me I'm sorry I'm a little off I wasn't expecting this kind of money and it says the service period is for December 1st to December 31st going to fold this is the this smallest one I'm just gonna fold I really don't care because you guys can't really hurt me but I'm gonna try to see if you guys can see this let's see here alright service period is 12 1 to 12 31 and the process date is 5 2 what is it I'm sorry it's backwards 1 2023 you notice it says pay rate zero you notice this this our submitted hours not paid what is it total hours paid travel hours overtime hours you notice I has our zero zero minute zero zero it has your deductions it has your current your your the quantity per year let me scroll back up this is really interesting it has your current quantity and then at the very...