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Music Applause Music hello everyone and welcome welcome to dr. Judy WTF and tonight we're gonna have a really interesting topic on projections and how they are a major source of human disconnect and with me I have Getz Epstein my life coach and also the leader of the narcissistic abuse recovery group you want to maybe say a couple of words about that so people can know that it exists and know how to tap in if they like or absolutely we meet up well there's two groups actually one of them is live in Sherman Oaks 7:00 p.m. please reach out if you're struggling from narcissistic abuse it's a wonderful group we've had great success so far people are able to communicate and discuss this issue and get clarity and and acceptance from other people struggling and we also have the narcissistic abuse webinar meet up every Sunday as well 3 p.m. that is also has been wonderfully successful same idea just for people who can't make it to 2 Sherman Oaks and I really appreciate that you're offering it for $9.95 they don't think that anyone would would create a resistance to joining if they needed it for that fee and it's an hour and a half long and the the 7 p.m. and the 3 p.m. remember Pacific Standard Time for our international audience and that's 3 p.m. in webinar form and 7 p.m. live in Sherman Oaks at our beautiful office on Ventura Boulevard so please do contact the psychological healing center if you want to be a part of this and everyone this is a Collins show so please feel free to get on the couch with us and talk about your experience particularly with projection because that is our theme for tonight and yes and I decided that we're going to do some role-playing so that you could see how it works so hey have some fun with this and sometimes it doesn't end up to be very fun at all because the results are basically chaos defences and breakdowns and for those of you who are not familiar with my mind map I want to give you a little bit of a background on this this is a system of healing that I created to take people from wounds of childhood decode them and paradigm shift people into healing so the mind map traces childhood wounds our reactions are negative core beliefs which is how we encode them and then it traces all the chaos that's been created out of this blueprint gone wrong system gone wrong and then breaks it down into how we defend against the the wounds of childhood and our negative core beliefs and ultimately the mind map is the goal of the mind map is to paradigm shift into healing develop a better core sense of self get rid of the lies and misconceptions from the past that keep us stuck in the past and shift us into a better way of dealing with life I call it playing a better game of life and also for those of you who are graduates of the mindmap system I'm holding a mindmap graduate group once a month first Tuesday of every month it was supposed to be the third Tuesday but now it's the first Tuesday of every month the group has been has begun and I really enjoyed it thank you participants we got so much clarity in the group regarding my nap philosophy and what what I'm looking at now more in terms of leading mindmap graduate groups is how to live and breathe mind map it is a way of life and we'll talk a little bit more about that I think I'm going to do a show on that actually living and breathing mind map basically it's starting with setting your consciousness straight and also learning how not to project on other people so let's take it up from there and I want to read a little bit from trying to see who wrote this article but I'm not sure that I see who did it every day health emotional health I think psychological projection dealing with undesirable emotions and remember this is a call and show three two three eight four three two eight two six psychological projection is a defense mechanism meaning it lives in panel five from a mindmap perspective people subconsciously employ this mechanism in order to cope with difficult feelings or emotions projection involves projecting undesirable feelings or emotions onto someone else rather than admitting or dealing with the unwanted feelings the theory was developed by my favorite doctor Sigmund Freud named after I named him at my show after his his name an Austrian psychologist commonly referred to as the father of psychoanalysis for this reason psychological projection is sometimes called Freudian projection and he gives an example here the classic example authority and projection and I'm going to go into different types of projection so you could see what I mean by this and how it disconnects human beings but a classical example a Freudian projection is that of a woman who's been unfaithful to her husband and yet accuses her husband of cheating on her so I would call this kind of reverse psychology you know if you the word that the best defense is offense so if you're guilty just accuse the other and get them defending and then get them off of you that's not exactly the kinds of projections we're going to be dealing with tonight but this is some examples another is is someone who feels a I'll shoot to steal things then projects those feelings onto others thinking that they are thieves okay so let's talk about how projection is a disconnect and you see this in your practice all the time correct absolutely it's something that we do we all do it to a certain degree there's a healthy.

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