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Alright this is john kohler with discountjuicers.com today for another exciting episode for you and what we're going to do today is we're going to do a juice off in comparison of the tribest slowstar vertical single auger juicer which is one of the top vertical single auger juicers that i've tested to date against the all-new omega vsj843 so this is definitely one juice off i've been waiting for because literally these two vertical single auger juicers in my opinion represent the best of the best of the vertical single auger juicers out there for juicing you know the vegetables and the leafy greens that being said in general the vertical single auger juicers do make more pulp than other style juicers such as the horizontal single auger machines and if you want to focus on juicing a lot and mostly leafy greens i would recommend that style machine in which case the omega has the omega nc800 and the tribest company has the tribest solostar 3 juicer so the first part of this juice off is I'm going to go ahead and compare the machines side-by-side some of the different parts and accessories that are included before we actually get into the juice off comparison I do want to remind you guys that you know the yield test in the juice off comparison that I do is just one aspect of a juicer there are many different aspects of the juicer that I would want you to consider before you purchase a juicer because every juicer is a little bit different there's pros and cons to every juicer in the market out there and my job is to simply share these with you of course the manufacturers are going to tell you one thing or another because the manufacturers want to sell you their juicer you know I personally don't care which juice you get I want you guys to get the juicer that's going to work the best for you that you're going to use the most it's going to make the difference in your life and that's why I take the time to do these videos I mean I use these juicers each and every day in my life besides just doing these demos that I share with you guys to know what's going to happen you know I use these on my countertop unless I'm traveling usually every single day I'm juicing something up in the kitchen and that gives me the experience that allows me to share my experiences with you about these juicers in any case let's get into the comparison this is the tribest slowstar juicer and this is the latest revision so you know when the slowstar did come out it did have some challenges out of the gate you know it had some challenges and problems with the juicer leaking so tribest has updated the seals now the juicers include all new red seals that are pretty much eliminated this issue in addition the original slowstar juicer did not include this spout cap or all new slowstar juicer is being sold at this time are including the spout cap if you did get an original slowstar juicer without the spout cap it still maybe possibly get the free upgrade spout cap if you call the tribest company that we're going to get give a free upgrade to the new spout cap for only a small shipping charge so the slowstar juicer besides just being a juicer one of the things I want to point out that's different than with the omega vsj is that it's also a multifunction unit it comes at no additional cost with this whole attachment here this is known as the mitching attachment homogenizing f and whatever you want to call it you basically put the auger inside this whole attachment and it allows you to make things like banana sorbet or also known as banana ice cream you can also make other fruit sorbets you can also make things like salsa I made salsa in here you could also make things like the nut butter I've also even chopped up my cabbage to make the sauerkraut I have a video on that also we've also used it to put through raw eggplant to basically homogenized it or break it up and then we season it put in the dehydrator have like a basically a raw vegan eggplant meat instead of using chicken or something in tacos super delicious so this attachment provides you a lot of different flexibility to process different products that's simply the omega vsj does not allow you to do because it does not include any kind of attachment or blank screen to do some of these so I like this attachment a lot so some of the other accessories that the slowstar includes are of course a nice stainless steel strainer or sieve you know this is one of the nicest sieves or strangers that comes with any of the juicers and you know the vertical juicers do produce more pulp in the juice and I think every manufacturer should always include a strainer despite me haranguing manufactures many manufacturers still do not include a strainer this is a very simple item to include on their end instead of having the consumer go out and purchase one separately when you're buying a couple hundred dollar juicer it should include a strainer in my opinion something company easy to get off their butt and start including them if they're not already I'm glad that the tribest slowstar juicer does and of course the Machine also includes your Juice cash cups here these are rated up to 800 milliliters and that these are not quite nesting I do personally like the nesting cups that come with ruching over on the omega vsj side once again there is no attachment like the slowstar but you do get two nice nesting cuffs which eggs.

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