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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Email

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Email

Bloggers Jonathan here wanted to talk to you about how to increase your email subscriber list this is something Bob and I started really putting a focus on about six months ago we just weren't really happy with the amount of email subscribers that we were getting now granted when we started this whole process of training and prove it we were only a few months into the entire blog but at the same time based on our experience we knew that we could do better so wanted to show use times it's easier to explain it and then to type it out wanted to actually show you three changes that we made to actually increased our email list by eight hundred and forty three percent now that sounds kind of crazy but literally we went from 39 or 40 subscribers to close to 400 subscribers a month and here is the the three simple steps that we took first of all the first thing that we did was we actually created an e-book that we wanted to give out in exchange for people signing up to our list so let me just get to where I can show you that you see right here this is a document 20 pages or so I can't remember exactly how many pages but we even have some videos along the way that people can view as well and basically it is a simple blog business plan that people can follow and I describe how you can get a simple white board and actually map out your goals for the month a quarter for the next 12 months and really begin to challenge yourself to drive towards meeting those goals and by hanging that board up above your computer or wherever you work it's constantly looking at you and it's constantly within sight and pushing you towards your goals so in that we felt like we were creating a document that was going to help a lot of people and it was going to be of high value so I would encourage you if you have a blog and all you have is subscribe to my list my email list or subscribe to my newsletter that you can probably get a significant boost in people signing up if you have something to offer them maybe you take a series of post and turn that into an e-book and give it away for free or maybe you can create some videos that people will want or recipes if you have a food blog or whatever it is that your audience would want think about what you could give them for free and it's pretty simple to set up and automate the process using MailChimp so that's the first step is to create something for free the next step that we took was a little bit more aggressive and that was we created a squeeze page on the very if you go to our main domain blogging your passion com we have a squeeze page here instead of a blog and so it says join a community of bloggers wanting to help others and make money in the process we deliver practical ideas to help you earn more money blogging encouraging articles to keep you motivated and tips for getting more traffic and a lot more and again and subscribe and get our free blog business plan so we have significantly increased our email subscribers just by having this is our homepage that may or may not work for you so you may want to play with that but it has worked good for us so for now we're going to leave this here then the last one is actually the last step that we took was actually placing an email subscribe box at the very bottom of our post you see when someone reads an article and they get to the bottom and they're looking for what to do next and so you can see at the very bottom of the article we have a simple button here and a graphic image button where they can click and sign up to our newsletter and get the blog business plan so having that at the bottom of every single post and we've now topped over a hundred and some post all about blogging some of them are getting some good search traffic so people that are reading the article fall to the end and they end up getting here and subscribing so use those tips maybe you can't do all three start with one and create something that you can give away for free and maybe work towards testing these out for your own site.

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