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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Comments

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Comments

Music what's up you guys and welcome back to my channel first of all I apologize for my off-putting nasally sounding voice have been incredibly ill this past week but I quickly wanted to thank you for the millionth time for being so awesome and supportive with my audio you guys gave me a ton of great feedback last week you said that you're enjoying this microphone that the little tweaks and I made it made a world of a difference and I just want to say thank you thank you for being honest with me and telling me the problems that you were seeing it helps me a lot at the end of the day I just want to improve my channel and I want to improve your viewing experience and I want to improve the ease of my filming and you know entire amount of work from start to finish so when you guys offer up great tips and advice and suggestions I really really appreciate them because it ends up benefiting us all today's case is one that I've actually debated back and forth on it covering and not because there's anything in it that makes me feel uncomfortable or that's usually my typical reason for not covering a case but it's one of those and I know you guys will know what I'm talking about where there's not a lot of information on the case and there's nothing in it that necessarily screams something Crazy's going on there's no insane event but it's just one that makes you feel odd it makes you feel like you can't shake it and it's one that I keep going back to over and over again and I'm interested to see if any of you guys feel the same way about this case but that was why I was kind of hesitant to post a video about it because there's not a lot of information there's probably only three articles that are left out there a whole bunch of reddit threads and I think a five or six minute video but I just can't shake this case I've probably gone back to it and planned to film it six other times and then backed out because I feel like everyone will think I'm looking too deeply into things but at the end of the day I felt like we all look at things from a different perspective and maybe you guys could offer up some information maybe you could possibly learn something from this case and also it kind of touches on a topic that is uncomfortable for me to talk about and that is the idea that maybe someone won't ever be found and normally we try to be very very positive and we try to you know look towards all the you know great possibilities how someone might be found but in this case there's such this looming you know high possibility that that just won't happen and it freaks me out and it freaks a lot of people out I'm sure so before I ramble too much about this I guess I'll just go ahead and get started on the case so today we were talking about 25 year-old Danny Pickett and he was last seen on October 24th 2022 and st. John's Newfoundland Danny was one of I think ten siblings total so he grew up in a very very large family and he had a twin brother named Dennis that he was incredibly close with he was always very very close to his family but his brother Dennis in particular obviously it's a twin bond that's kind of a big deal now he had grown up around ships fishing boats and shipyards his whole entire life so it was only natural that he went on to work on a fishing boat named the Newfoundland tradition right before his disappearance and he'd only been with the crew at that point for about half a season I am not very familiar with how long that technically is I don't know a whole lot about fishing but I do know he stayed on the boat a lot of the time but when he wasn't on the boat he shared an apartment with his brother I'm pretty sure he stayed with his brother in this apartment in clarin Ville but I am not positive on that just because again there was a lot of lacking information I know that's where he planned to go home to but the week before he vanished he had been on the boat for about five days straight and obviously that's a long time to be cooped up when they pulled into Saint Johns Harbor on October 24th all of the crew including Danny were very very excited to take the night off and just go out because again Saint John is a kind of fishing little town and the particular area right beside the harbor is known for partying and drinking all the fishermen go there and they were pretty pumped they plan to go to a few clubs there is a small street named George Street in that area that's incredibly popular it's known as the main strip and then after that Danny had plans to actually go back to the boat that night and stay on the boat one more night because he wasn't able to catch a bus back to clarin Ville so back home until 1:00 p.m. on the 25th of October what Danny was sticking to his plan he hopped into a cab with the rest of the crew and headed off to George Street where he was going to party for a little bit and then head back to the boat before heading home the following day however his brother and family it became very very anxious because Danny never showed up at home when he was supposed to again he was very close to his.

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