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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Branded

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Branded

Hey it's Vanessa the crafty Gemini I post weekly crafting cooking and organic gardening videos right here on my youtube channel in this video I'm answering the most popular question I get asked by you all and that is what is a great but affordable sewing machine for beginners so here it is this is my personal recommendation for beginners or even more intermediate and advanced so Easter quilters if you travel or you do workshops and take classes and things like that that you need a machine to take - this is what I take my machine for it's my go-to machine for that and the reason I say it's migrate travel machine is because it's so lightweight it only weighs 11 pounds I have 11 sewing machines total in my studio and this is the most lightweight one but it does more heavy duty work than some of the pricier machines and I'll show you in this video the types of things that you can sew on it ok so the model number on this machine is a kenmore one nine one zero six Kenmore did not send me this machine for free I paid for this one with my own money and I'll tell you why I like it so much if you've been following my videos for a few years you've probably seen me use this sewing machine in quite a lot of my tutorials this was my go-to sewing machine for a lot of my videos because it's really basic and I like to teach you all with machines that are not too fancy you know because not everybody has those kind of machines and so this machine there's nothing wrong with it it's still fun but you'll notice they're the exact same machine except this one has a Janome sticker on it and this one says kenmore up here the reason for that is after I did some research I came to find out that Janome is now the manufacturer of the kenmore machines so you're basically getting a genomic quality machine just with the kenmore name on it they're the exact same machines I've tested all the features and everything it's identical I can no longer find this machine anywhere and so when I did some more research and found that it's the same manufacturer I started looking at the Kenmore machines and what I came to find out is that I found one store that sells this machine for only $59.99 now if you hear that or even if I heard that somebody tells me 60 bucks for a sewing machine I probably wouldn't pay for unless I demoed it first to see exactly what it can do so trust me I've used these same machines that have three of them super affordable budget-friendly it's lightweight but I consider one of my heavy-duty sewing machines because I want to show you in this video the type of things that you can sew with it and trust me you're going to be surprised to see what a 60 dollar machine can do and the only place that I've been able to check it out and find it at is at a store called Tuesday morning we actually have one here in the local town close to us and I had no idea I've never even heard of it before and so even if you don't have a Tuesday morning in your local area no worries because you can buy it directly from their website which is what I did with this one my local shop didn't have any more machines and so I purchased it online I think the shipping was $10 which is super reasonable considering the price of the machine is so inexpensive okay and so I'll include the links in the description box below where you can click to find a local Tuesday morning near you or where you can purchase it directly from them on their website keep in mind that 59.99 I don't know how much inventory they have left but trust me they're going to fly off the shelves if you're needing a new sewing machine if you need a travel machine want to take the classes or if you have a child that you're teaching to sew trust me this is the machine you want to get it's not that much of an investment and you're going to be amazed with the kind of things that you'll be able to do on this machine so they are still selling the sewing machine for the same 59.99 while supplies last okay so the link is in the description box head on over click on it buy one or two I know a lot of people that have recommended the machine to they try it out and they purchase two or more and start handing them out to their siblings or other people in their family or friends this is such a great machine so let me show you why I like it so much okay so let's briefly go over what comes with the machine so you'll get the machine itself right here it has a third spool that comes off this little thing it just snaps into place and then it just comes with a little baggie of all your accessories which for such a low price I was really excited to see that it came with quite a few different little feet so you have your seam ripper which is standard then we have a large spool cap thread spool cap here which you use up here and you're using larger spools and it has a little one already on this one okay you got two of those three bobbins you have your zipper foot your buttonhole foot so yeah for 60 bucks you get a machine that does buttonholes okay a blind hem foot a pack of needles and then this is a.

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