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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Blog

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Blog

Pursuant to Internal Revenue Service guidance be advised that any federal tax advice contained in this program is not intended to be used and it cannot be used by any person or entity for the purpose of avoiding any tax penalties that may be imposed by the Internal Revenue Service or any other US federal taxing authority or agency or promoting marketing or recommending to another party any transaction or matter addressed in the show the opinions expressed by the host and the guests are their own and may not be used as a thora tative advice any use of this material without the written consent of the host is strictly prohibited welcome back i am your host attorney Steven Leahy and this is the IRS radial hour on am 560 the answer we just kissed the were talking about this article in The Wall Street Journal and I encourage people go find the article because it's a great article she talks about the investigation and how this came up and it's this really came up in a separate investigation and not an investigation of the IRS but actually how that rule that said that the the IRS's rule was was reached how they reached that rule and it was really a conjunction with the Department of Justice which is not supposed to happen no well and if you want to find out the articles we're reading we're gonna start posting them on my on my facebook page for my organization called my vote counts on Facebook but we're not gonna call it the stack of stuff no we won't call and we can't do that legally we can't do that it's the my vote counts deck of stuff no but we will post the articles i will post the articles to that and if you guys want to follow them and well that way you can and you can leave me a note there Steve this week we're going to tell we're talking about your blog what what is on the block well this week at my I wrote an article about the IRS collection process okay because I wanted to all that sounds very good very intriguing well it is because we don't what happens is you start getting mail from the IRS and then you put it in the drawer if you oh but there's a sequence of letters that the IRS goes through and how this all works on I've of course I find it interesting yes you do all this all works and and I think if you're getting mail from the IRS you could be interested in how this all works and what it all means oh how I should have been yes you should pay attention and as I think I told I've said many times on the show that people come to see me and they have a stack of mail that's unopened and and then there they come to see me after something terrible's happened like the IRS has frozen their bank account or they go to work one day and find out that their checks are being are being levied and they don't have a check this month and I'm PD they do that's right sprinklers do that and then you know so this is important stuff in you know I think there's a the IRS has four levels of of that they go through in order to collect okay so the first level is they send you a a letter the IRS calls this a notice and the first notice they send is if you look on the top right hand corner of the notice it's going to be stamped with a with a number because the IRS has a number for everything that they do every don't nothing's by happenstance no it's a vet's government the that's okay that's right and so the UM and so if you look at the top right hand corner there'll be a number stamped and that's the first letter is stamped CP means computer paragraph I'd I can't figure out I looked forever to find out why they call it that but they don't who knows why that's why they call it computer CP 501 so that's the first letter that sent out and it's generated automatically there's ten regional compliance centers they're called throughout and throughout the country and so if they if it pops up into their system that you have a balance to the system will automatically send them up said well send this this letter if I don't think it was your eyes that were glazing and glossing over things I don't care about this no I go you kidding i've i've been through it okay it's bringing back row but it's tears running down below that's why I know something okay so the second letter and automatically again comes out in the second letter is CP 503 so if you look at the fight at the corner top right-hand corner it'll say second notice you have unpaid taxes or and then they'll tell you what year their unpaid that's right after you wake up thank you passed out you wait I'm looking closer you gotta I gotta open the mail first to find this because if you don't open the mail you won't see it then five weeks later automatically they'll send you a third letter and this ones that will say notice of intent to levy intent to seize your property or rights to property amount and then they'll tell you what the amount due and then expect you to call them right away and resolve it what they call a payment solution they want a payment solution and the name of your children I hit well they get the other they what they don't want the oldest one they like the others the payment solution is pay us think it's now that's the payment.

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