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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Assessment

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Assessment

Music the revenue officer when they first get the case we'll take a look at a number of different factors to determine what who they assess the trust fund recovery penalty against the number one factor is it's very easy for them to take a look at suit who the signatories are in the bank account if you're a signatory on the bank account they'll probably assess the trust fund recovery Pelley against you because they'll allege that you had the authority to use the funds in order to pay the payroll taxes but the funds were used for other purposes the other factors are if you're an officer director shareholder or involved in the corporation enough that you make the determination as to which creditors get paid that can be done as several different ways either a signatory on the bank account or in the event that the officers directors shareholders whoever it is that gets together on a regular basis when the company is short of funds who decides who gets paid there'll be some type of a general ledger or some type of a cash disbursements journal and there'll be tick marks on those saying that these people decided that these all our creditors would get paid when there's limited amount of funds that's what the IRS usually determines as to who gets assess the trust fund recovery penalty in addition they'll take a look at any officer director shareholder or main person in the corporation and if you're one of those people they'll look at all the facts of circumstances to determine whether they're going to assess the trust fund recovery penalty against you in the event that you are a primary person in the company that doesn't pay its payroll taxes please contact this law...