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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Amended

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Amended

If you have an IRS problem what you're about to see may help you avoid financial disaster and even time in jail you're about to learn the three things that you should never ever discuss with the IRS please pay careful attention because it's extremely important that you know these things before you talk to anyone from the IRS let's get started tell me a little about yourself my name is Anthony Perrin I'm a licensed attorney in the state of Connecticut and have been practicing law for the better part of a decade I specialize in IRS problem resolution and negotiate with the IRS to help people solve their IRS problems in my practice I have seen firsthand the fear and worry that people experience when they deal with an IRS problem it's heartbreaking to know that people have lost their businesses homes and even their families because of their problems with the IRS and that's why I chose to help people in this extremely stressful situation there's a lot of good I can do which is someone like myself do if I have an IRS problem if you have an IRS problem find it difficult to understand or deal with you need to know that it's not your fault the federal tax code is so complicated that it's difficult for anyone to understand it completely most professionals will deal with tax issues every day are challenged by how complicated our tax system is the most important piece of advice I can give is to make sure you never voluntarily tell the IRS anything unless they have specifically asked you for the information this tip is extremely important for you understand only give the IRS the information they ask for and nothing else so don't attempt to curry favor with an IRS employee and tell them an answer you think they'd like to hear the IRS actually relies on taxpayers who voluntarily give too much information and it won't do you any good what if they keep pressing you have the right to remain silent and you have a right to an attorney if they keep pressing you should know that you have the right to say nothing to the IRS to have an attorney talk to them on your behalf so don't be afraid to stop talking or stop providing the information to the IRS at any time if you're concerned or scared just tell the IRS employee that you're dealing with that you decided to retain an attorney politely refused to answer any more questions to provide any additional information until after you have met with an attorney what if I just stretch the truth a little bit you don't want to do that lying to an employee of the IRS is a criminal offense if the IRS catches you in a lie you may be charged and in prison if you think that the IRS won't discover you lied to them you're gambling with your freedom the tax code is so complex even IRS employees don't completely understand it and every year it gets bigger that's a fact so you should not omit - or speak about anything that you don't understand if you're not completely sure about your answer to a question from an IRS employee you should let them know that you don't know or can't recall this is important the IRS will not forgive any tax penalty interest that they have assessed against you if they feel that you haven't been upfront and honest with them okay so if somebody is at odds with the IRS and still need your help how do they get in touch with you IRS problems are serious business and they need serious attention all you need to do is call my office it 203 two six nine six six nine nine to schedule an appointment I offer a free consultation to my clients with IRS problems this consultation would be with me in my office and it would be private and completely confidential we can discuss your situation and after we do you'll know what your best options are in dealing with your IRS problem there's absolutely no obligation to you for anything if you decide that you would like my help with your IRS problem we will discuss my fees if not after the free consultation you will know what your best options are to try to solve your IRS problems by calling your taking the first step towards ending your IRS problem.

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