Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Adjustment

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Adjustment

Hi this is Deborah Gregory former IRS attorney co-founder of integrity actually one of the most common questions that we receive at our firm is whether interest and penalties can be abated first of all interest cannot be abated as a matter of law Congress did not give the authority to the IRS to do that secondly policies can be abated under two provisions reasonable costs and first time penalty abatement exception another reasonable cause exception you must demonstrate that you acted with ordinary care and business prudence in your failure to file failure to pay or failure to make deposits some of the examples they give in the Internal Revenue manual are the taxpayer is incapacitated there's a death in the family of the taxpayer or there was a fire or other natural disaster there needs to be something outside of the taxpayers control that prevented him or her from filing the return paying taxes or making deposits the second penalty exception is the first time penalty abatement under this provision you can get penalties abated if you show that you're a current compliance meaning all tax returns have been filed you're in a resolution strategy with the IRS and that for three prior years from the date that you owed you were in compliance meaning if you over 2021 you have to demonstrate 4 9 8 and 7 that you file your tax returns on time and you paid any taxes associated with those returns if you owe the IRS $25,000 or more in fact taxes call our office today for a free confidential consultation at eight six six eight six 13640 thank you.

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