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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Are Form 843 Abatement

Instructions and Help about Are Form 843 Abatement

Hello everyone today I'd like to discuss the form 843 claim for refund and request or abatement this is the form that is used to request a penalty and interest abatement now what is an abatement you ask an abatement is a reduction or the elimination of the penalties in interest and again the form 843 is the form that the IRS requests that a taxpayer complete when they're requesting a penalty and interest abatement now this form is not just for anyone to use and you can't use this form just to try to get out of pain penalties and interest on your tax debt that you've not paid just because you've not paid it in order to request a penalty abatement penalty and interest abatement you have to have quote unquote reasonable cause and as with everything else the IRS looks at these situations on a case-by-case basis an example of reasonable cause would be if you receive the erroneous information from an IRS tax agent or you received the erroneous information from your tax professional that caused you to have a tax debt that you were not able to pay and penalties and interest accrued on that those are some examples of reasonable cause examples of what is not considered a reasonable causes the simple fact of saying I didn't or I just didn't get around to it or you know I I had no idea so those those excuses will not fly with the IRS so if you're going to request a penalty and interest abatement do make sure that you have a pretty good reason otherwise it's going to be denied now the form 843 is a one-page form in my opinion it's not difficult to complete you can complete it yourself but if you're not sure some of the information that's requested of the form you may want to seek the help of a reputable qualified tax professional to assist you with the form now granted none of the services that the IRS offers is their fee for other than like maybe an application fee or something like that but for the form 843 there is not a fee to submit a penalty and interest abatement requests and again if you feel comfortable enough you can complete it yourself now the main part of the form 843 that probably want to be concerned about is line item number seven because that is where you would explain why you think the abatement should be approved and you have to prother detailed information as well so again the form 843 is used when you want to request penalty and interest abatement when you think that penalties that have been unfairly charged to you again erroneous information has been provided to you you can go ahead and submit this form now there is a certain time period that you have to submit this form so for more information on that you can go to the IRS website at www.archives.gov/calendar on the form 843 and you may also want to refer to the instructions for the form 843 which will give you line by line instructions as to how to complete the form again this will help individuals who have tax debt who shouldn't have had that tax that to begin with and penalties and interest has accrued against that tax debt submitting the form 843 is an option to try to get some of those penalties if not all of them reduced or eliminated so again this is not a form that you would use just to try to get out of simply because you did not follow your tax returns or you did not take your tax step there definitely has to be reasonable cause for this now the form 843 is also used for other matters so when you're submitting the form for the purpose of requesting a penalty and interest abatement you do have to write across the top of the form that you are requesting a penalty abatement under a certain IRC code number and you can find that number on the IRS if I'm not mistaken I think it's six four or four but I'm not certain again you can find exactly what that reference number is that you need to write across the top of the form on the instructions for the form another thing you might want to know about the 843 is that you need to submit a different 843 for each text here that you're requesting an abatement or the penalties and interest so if you have three years tax debt that you'd like to request an abatement for you will have to submit three different form 843 so this about covers it for the form 843 in regards to the penalties and interest abatement again you can find out more detailed information on this form by referencing the instructions or going to the IRS website you can also visit my website www.weg.net the io t ax h e LP com there is an mp3 audio that you can purchase that explains more detailed information about the form of 843 and you can find other information on my website that may be helpful to you when you go to the website just click on tax related services or tax products and take a look to see if there's anything any services or products that we are that could possibly help to make your life a little less tax.

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